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‘Wears His Hat Soldier Like’
A Classic Character on the Run

November 28, 1765

The Pennsylvania Gazette

Philadelphia, November 25, 1765.

RUN away, on the 16th Instant, from John Faries, a Servant Man, named Edward Carlow, but has changed his Name to Collins, and may go by some other Name;

he is a spry Fellow, and wears his Hat Soldier like, on his Right Eye, has a brown Wig, red Hair, white Eyebrows, Freckles on the Back of his Hands, is about 5 Feet 6 Inches high, wore a brown Coat, blue Velvet Jacket, red or brown Breeches, commonly wore white Thread, or black Silk Stockings, walks fast, when he travels, speaks good English, pretends to have two Uncles in New London, both Ministers, says he has a small Estate in Ireland, [1] and is well beloved amongst the Women.

Whoever secures said Servant in any Goal in this Province, so that his Master may have him again, shall have Three Pounds Reward, and if out of the Province, Five Pounds, paid by me JOHN FARIES.

N.B. All Masters of Vessels, and others, are forbid to harbour or carry him off, as they may expect to be proceeded against as the Law directs.


1. At least one Irish heir was sold into slavery, and his case was in court at the time of this advertisement, so it seems likely that his claims—very similar to James Annesley’s circumstances—were inspired by actual events in Ireland and England, an example that Collins trafficked in much fiction making his way in a slave society.

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