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Jennifer Lynne Weekley

Alabama mom accused of 'pretty horrific' sex crimes against own kids and allegedly texting the images


An Alabama woman accused of “pretty horrific” sex crimes remains behind bars after police allege she photographed herself performing a litany of sex acts with her own kids before texting the disturbing images to an individual in Florida.

Jennifer Lynne Weekley, 37, of Bay Minette, is accused of producing and sharing what amounted to homemade child porn.

Cops allege Weekley’s twisted texts also included a sick game called “Huckle Buckle.” The accused also “would disclose photographs and engage in activities like penetration,” according to prosecutors.

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DLJune 30, 2017 12:48 PM UTC

Did she find a blind man to impregnate her?

The word "allegedly," used to describe what the 6-7-yr-old girl said happened, really pissed me off. What 6-7-yr-old could make such vile shit up?