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‘Has a Sour Look’
Nicholas Coffey, Age 25, Once a Sailor, Once a Soldier, Twice a Slave

February 20, 1766

The Pennsylvania Gazette


RUN away, on Sunday Night last, from the Subscriber, living in East Whiteland, Chester County, a Servant Man, named Nicholas Coffey, born in Ireland, about 25 years of Age, tall and slender, long visaged, has a sour Look, of a sandy Complexion, and lisps a little;

had on a Boyfine Hat, [1] half worn, light coloured Fustian Coat, blue Jacket, with Metal Buttons, a brown Camblet under Jacket, the back ripped, old white Shirt, Leather Breeches, white Yarn Stockings, the Top of one of them old, and half worn Shoes and Buckles.

He served a Time in Philadelphia, has been since at Sea, likewise campaigning, is acquainted in most Parts of this Province, and may thereby the better pass for a Freeman. He has at Times the Third day Ague, [2] the Fit coming on him in the Evening, and is a remarkable Liar.

Whoever secures the said Servant so as his Master may have him again, shall have the above Reward with reasonable Charges, from RICHARD RICHISON.


1. A knit cap, commonly called a ski-cap in modern times

2. Malarial fever: Many British troops were lost to malaria and yellow fever during operations in the West Indies immediately after the French and Indian War.

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