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Thank God for Impending Asteroid Annihilation
By Fred Beare

With so much space shit up there –

it is only a matter of time before something big takes us out. The article directly above says that nuclear bomb-level impacts regularly occur, and it is only by chance that a major city has not been wiped out.

There are millions of Near Earth Asteroids, some about 100 feet in diameter and travelling at 40,000 miles per hour, and others as big as a 10-story building, like the mother fucker that unfortunately just missed Earth in January 2017. There have been some strikes; a small one exploded in the air in Chelyabinsk, Russia, in 2013, and a bigger air-burst occurred in Tunguska, Siberia in 1908, which had the impact of 185 Hiroshima bombs. Just imagine that over Hollywood and/or Wall Street.

Now, why should we not be concerned about the impending extinction of the human race? Consider:

Anal botox:

This one is complex:

Gay cakes:

Acid attacks by the lake-full:

Demographic replacement:

Big boobed White women becoming big boobed Black women, because, hell, being White sucks shit:

Elmo getting in on the mass immigration circus, telling us that 35- year-old refugee kids, just wanna have fun:

The BBC and pedophilia:

Jewish people also facing the implications of diversity:

Some folk are going over the top and stealing attack helicopters, and well, trying to get then to work, while trying to blow up the Establishment:

Birmington is thus the future:

And, the demographics get worse when one considers the next generation:

But, the future is annihilation, anyway:

“When America Goes Down”

“When the quick and grinning fire burns our epitaph on ice,

When the mad seas breach the ramparts,

And demand we pay the price;

Will our 'twained lives split asunder?

Will our love submerge and drown?

Will we cling tight through the thunder as America goes down?

When the fungal growth that's fastened on our cities lifts and flies,

When the pioneering spirit of our forebears falls and dies;

Will we still lie curled together in our broken marriage bed?

Will our love still be forever when America is dead?

While the parasite is eating through our sweet and happy dream,

While the nightmare is descending,

And the sleeper cannot scream;

While the night is washed with creeping

In all shades of black and brown,

Will you wash my wounds by weeping

While this land of ours goes down?

When the rising god of history starts to beat the drums of doom,

When this rich and diverse culture seals its democratic tomb;

Will we march along in sorrow with a dumb, funeral tread?

Will we make love tomorrow when America is dead?

As the blood climbs through the rainbow

May I hold your heart once more?

As the color of our skin becomes our uniform of war;

Will your warmth still slide into my grip

When chaos marries dread?

Will your womb receive my worship

When our sacred land is dead?

When America goes down, my love, when the time arrives to pay,

For the malice of the piper and producer of the play

And our image on the screen is of a sad and tragic clown,

What will there be between us when America goes down?

When America goes down...”

Vic Oliver

So, who’s for the asteroid?

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Sam J.June 30, 2017 9:32 PM UTC

"...air-burst occurred in Tunguska, Siberia in 1908, which had the impact of 185 Hiroshima bombs. Just imagine that over Hollywood and/or Wall Street..."

Wow! Reading that just gave me some kind of thrill. My luck though it will land on my house.