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The New Face of Crime News
Attempted Home Invasion

Last night around 11:30pm-12:00am what sounded like two suspects tried to kick our neighbors door in the 8400 block of Kings Ridge Road. The suspects ran when they realized someone was coming. The police were called and a report filed. Just wanted to spread the word so everyone is aware!

As anarcho-tyranny spreads, the police falsify reports and traditional media obfuscate and excuse violence against the paleface remnant, social media is the new news model. Certainly, Baltimore County Police will not report this as an actual or attempted home invasion, but rather destruction of property or attempted burglary.

But we already know that large police departments—unlike your local sheriffs and deputies—are part of the problem, jittering in their pension-earning dance.

This brief post hints at the cure, that these are not men. We know they are oppressed Dindus based on that area, which I walk through at night, as hoodrats prowl all about looking for victims. These creatures are African Americans, blacks, negroes, dindus, hoodrats, whatever we label them. But there is no need, for we know that this 10% of the population in that community commit 99.9% of the violent crime. So, if you choose to report the crime to the cops, tell them the race, because it is important to them. But don't tell the race in social media posts unless the criminal is white, otherwise the host might shut you down. We know who does this.

The other aspect hinted at in this post is the fact that someone was approaching sent them scattering, which is usually the case, because that someone might be a man and they are not. Rats scatter when men approach—its a law of nature.

All we need for success is to find some men, or, Gaea forbid, raise some men.

The Hunt for Whitey

Recognizing and Surviving the Condition of Anarcho-Tyranny

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PRJuly 1, 2017 4:20 PM UTC

Everyone should get Door Jamb Armor or the equivalent. If you can stall them at the entry way, your odds of winning go way up since the doorway is a fatal funnel where you can kill most of them as they go through or at least confuse them bad enough into wanting to run away.

Most Dindus are very slight or otherwise fat. If you weigh in the neighborhood of 200 lbs, it's no problem to simply use momentum to knock over a bunch of them in this situation.

My own fear of Dindus is the fear of being prosecuted after dealing with one of them. Here's where it helps to actuallly befriend the cops. If the cops like you, evidence the DA wants to use against you magically disappears.