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Police Hissy Fit
What Dindus Are Good For—Exposing the Lie

Hi James,

-SS Sam

Thanks, Sam I extracted the following quote as a talking point.

“Everybody who is down here has a right to be safe,” said Deputy Chief Chris Murtha, who oversees patrols in the National Harbor area.

There is no such thing as a right.

Rights are lies imposed by The State as devices for secular worship of the social edifice.

The purpose of a right is to get people who are being threatened by inferiors to step aside, cower and fail to assert their ethics, their morality, their ethnicity, their beliefs, their autonomy. The purpose of a right is therefore to yoke persons with potential agency with the slave mindset of the inferior.

The right spoken of is safety, freedom from risk, that belongs as clearly to the riders as to the pathetic serfs they terrorized.

These wannabe savages, who could have been defeated by four pairs of red necks in Dodge Ram pickups, were playing at being barbarians, because they see clearly the Lie of Civilization, but lack the sophistication to deconstruct it and therefore rebel theatrically.

This is what blacks are good for on a social scale.

While the deluded, uncomprehending whites, who believe that governments exist to serve them, stand impotently by, not for a moment conceiving that they are merely managed meat-puppets, the blacks, knowing full well that they are nothing but meaty placeholders for a corrupt and evil society, here offer to educate the meek palefaces in the realities of life, realities that their paleface ancestors, at some distant remove understood.

In my reading of this encounter, I see black wisdom, black autonomy, black bravery, juxtaposed with white delusion, white servility, white cowardice, to present for the viewer a living mural of the current race management paradigm in this evil place, correctly called Absurdistan.

Waking Up in Indian Country: Harm City: 2015

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LaManoJuly 2, 2017 7:56 PM UTC

I ride a motorcycle every day.

No one, NO ONE, is as vulnerable as someone on a motorcycle. On the road, I can be taken down by a dog, a deer, a vulture, a 4 x 4 piece of lumber laying in the road, a side-view mirror, a thrown bottle, a patch of antifreeze, anything.

And that stuff will kill you dead.

ANY of these punks could have been stopped by anyone in a car or truck, or any pedestrian with a walking stick, a Yo-Hammer, a baton, or a Tee-ball bat under their shirt.

But everyone is cowering in fear. Fear of the big bad motorcycles, or fear of the police or of public opinion if they defend themselves against someone committing vehicular assault against them.

Time to quit being so afraid of everything in the whole damn world. It just makes them bolder.