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His Death Faked?
Sam J. Offers Video Evidence: Timothy McVeigh at Camp Grafton, North Dakota 03 August 1993

Timothy McVeigh may be alive. His death faked. Could it be? Well look at this video of (McVeigh???) at Camp Grafton, North Dakota 03 August 1993. During this time all sources say he was NOT in the military. If it is him then we know he was undercover as he was supposed to be traveling around doing gun shows and plotting bombings at this time. Look at 0:40 and tell me that's not McVeigh. I believe it's him.

Timothy McVeigh at Camp Grafton, North Dakota 03 August 1993

The filming was happenstance. I can't remember what for but the guy filming for something totally unrelated and just happened to catch him. As they were looking at it one of his friends said,"Hey that's McVeigh".

So that means McVeigh just got unlucky being caught,(dumb ass forgot to put on his license plate), and they faked his death and gave him a new identity. Maybe that was why McVeigh never seemed to be to worried about being executed. He knew he wouldn't be.

We need to find McVeigh and really put him to death.

For what it's worth Sam J., whether McVeigh is dead or not, I believe he was a federal deep state operative, and that recent mass killings by whites in the U.S. have largely been carried out by witless pawns of deep state agents, who kill on behalf of our masters, for no other reason than that we might be blamed as collectively, morally culpable, making this part of the white guilt complex, which is so intrinsic to the current system.

Under the God of Things

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joefourJuly 1, 2017 9:35 PM UTC

For all those brave souls willing to entertain the possibility that our own government had a hand in the Oklahoma City bombing, the following book is highly recommended—The Oklahoma City Bombing and the Politics of Terror.
Sam J.June 30, 2017 9:08 PM UTC

It's way more weird than just this one thing. McVeigh hung out at a place called Elohim City, Oklahoma which happened to be run by a German Nazi(that just so happened to be fluent in Hebrew?????). Right. Also at Elohim was a sexy ATF informant sent to play with the Nazis called Carol Howe.

Kibble for the WN.

I won't cover it all the weirdness just goes on and on.

I would say the only false flags I KNOW are false flags are Oklahoma City(because the explosives used could never have severed the reinforced concrete columns that broke, 9-11(building 7, impossible), and the Boston marathon bombing(the picture of the backpack the FBI showed on the "suspect" is NOT the same as the one that the FBI says blew up. Even worse two agents that work for a private military defense company happened to be caught in a picture taken by a marathon audience watcher were shown wearing a back pack that looked just like the one shown blown up. And even more worse they were standing, wearing the backpack, near where it blew up then a later picture shows them after the back pack had blown up in the middle of the road...with no back pack. I mean come on...).

There's plenty more that have big problems but these I'm 100% sure that they were false flags as things happened that were impossible to equate to the governments story.