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Degenerate Generation?
Ishmael and James Discuss Baby Boomers


I take issue with being lumped in to the tired moniker of the Baby Boomers. Never took a pain pill until they repaired my torn knee. We received one station on our television, some residents still had outhouses! I read and listened to the radio, fished, hiked,  hunted, worked man jobs, starting at 15, could drive at age 11, trucks, tractors, clutch, three on the tree, four on the floor.

Yes, I remember the city savages, second generation suburban twerps, helping grandpa, on the farm,working among us, most were useless, too hot, too hard, too many hours, for their candied ass abilities. Some grew up to be the beta managerial weaklings. The best kids from the city had blue collar backgrounds; we had common ground to start with. Most, not all, white collar youth, could not take the abuse, sat in the house with grandma, counting the money they would receive some day from selling the farm to a developer! We drank, that was all, just like my past ancestors.

Doped Up Nation - The Unz Review


Ishmael, and the other Baby Boomers who I have offended by naming their—my—generation the worst, I hope you noticed that I did not say every Baby Boomer. I do say most, and this is true. How true?

There are a few Baby Boomers who lived or live in cities and are not the typical materialistic, liberal, media sloth.

Most of the rural Boomers are not like Boomers at all, because, above all, that generation was the most suburban generation, the bedroom community pioneers, who turned their back on the solar system to assuage their white guilt.

The Baby Boomers invented political correctness and white guilt, the two engines that are destroying the accomplishments of their fathers and the hopes of their sons. As a collective demographic, Americans born between 1945 and 1965 have been the most wasteful, most whining, most frightened flock of human cucks history has seen and have pioneered the mainstreaming of the drug culture, suburban cultural erasure, familial atomization and have looted the future, enslaving not only their sons but their grandsons to pay their high-living national debt.

I am certain, that few of our readers fit the mold typified by the Baby Boomer, a uniquely spoiled crop of humanity, hopefully a cautionary tale for the future.

I was born and raised to be one of these suburban cowards and have moved back into the city of my birth by way of rejecting the Great Lie my parents bought and tried to sell, like the victims of any pyramid scheme are supposed to.

Under the God of Things

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BobJuly 2, 2017 3:18 AM UTC

Political Correctness was a creation of the Frankfurt School and following its closure by the Nazi regime, by its promoters, ensconced at Columbia and other Ivy League universities. A top-down, ideological revolution, driven primarily by ethnic goals.
LaManoJuly 1, 2017 12:43 PM UTC

Never fear, guys, I don't take issue with "some" or "most" and assume that I'm being assigned the characteristics of that group.

It's like a meeting where a speaker says "Some women ..." and instantly every woman in the room jumps up to deny that she's who he's talking about.

JL is coming from a childhood and teen years where everyone blew dope, where his family was dysfunctional, and a manhood where women are down low predators, and it colors his viewpoint of everything to this day.

That's fine with me; he can thus give me, who grew up in a loving home and has been happily married for 41 years, a perspective on things that I couldn't otherwise get just by consulting my own experience. I don't have to agree that the whole world, or even a majority of it, is infected to the degree that he sees, but it's a valid and useful viewpoint to add to my OWN worldview, and I read and evaluate that viewpoint every day.

I'll say this for the ones of my generation - we knew how to work. The guys I started work with in the 1960s and 70s understood how to work hard for what we needed, and how that might get you ahead. I've taught my kids that, and they're doing well, but the modern millenials are generally totally useless on a job when something has to actually get done, much worse than the typical boomer.

That's my story and I'm stickin' to it.