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The Bitch Whisperer You've Always Wanted to Be
Is your Maternal Investment Failing to be Submissive to Your Needs, Wants, and Just Demands?

Never fear, the Patriarchy is here!

Has your BT-1000 begun to look like a BT-900 and act like a BT-1200?

Has your heart-shaped acquisition become callous of tongue?

Is the back of your man-hand cold and unused?

Has the tart of your heart gone from muff to tuff?

If any of these unjust afflictions have reared their estrogenic heads within your yurt, then it is time to let it be known that the yurt is better than the dirt.

Two scholars of the art of wench wrangling, Dr. Daniel "Regular Bitches Still Call" Landon and James "Oppressor, Afflicter and Exploiter of the Soft Sex" LaFond, along with Lili "The Wench on the Bench" Hun, have assembled a handbook for the management of your emotional chattel, edified in the testosterone tome below.

Approved by "Big Titty Bitches" Ron and currently used as a field guide by Mescaline Franklin. Buy now before the Manosphere sells out.

On Bitches

Lynn Lockhart’s Crackpot Podcasts

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DavidJuly 3, 2017 9:11 AM UTC

Interesting. Many of us will wonder if we are in the "likeable" crowd, lol. Onward. Looking forward to the continuance.