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Appalachian Wrestling and Idiot MMA Studs
Big Ron’s Cautionary Meatheadery for the Week

I think this is funny as hell.

'I hope Trump doesn't build a wall around Mexico. Instead I hope he builds it around this town so you people can't infiltrate the population.'

A friend of mine plays wrestling heels in acts from Virginia to New York. He has informed me that being a heel is where the art of Pro Wrastlin’ shines and also, that I, as a person and coworker, am the model heel. I love this, Ron. Thanks.

UFC fighter shows what not to do in bar argument.

This MMA clown deserved far worse. Note the big guy shaking his hands out during the trash-talking, a clear sign that he was loosening his wrists to punch, by putting blood in his hands, meaning he was responding functionally to an adrenaline dump, which takes blood away from the extremities. None of this was picked up on by the MMA hero. When a man shakes out his hands he is getting ready for action.

Thriving in Bad Places Kindle Edition

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BobJuly 4, 2017 2:41 AM UTC

Excellent advice. I guess from the moment the Mr. MMA was pushed he got the green light for reacting without been seen as the aggressor in the eyes of the law.