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‘A Bunch of Nazis?’
A Cautionary Tale of Tested Association

A couple weeks ago a reader contacted me concerning an associate of his who will be coming through the Baltimore Area later this summer. He wanted to know if I would be able to arrange security and a low-risk venue for this man, who simply wished to give a slide show presentation of black-on-white violence in his hometown. I was assured that he was not a white nationalist, just a concerned member of a beleaguered community.

I indicated that I would know within two weeks if this could be arranged.

Since the date given would be a weekend, bar accommodations could not be arranged.

I would be seeking space in a gym or dojo, six of whom I have ties to.

The three mixed-race gyms are out, not because the black fighters would mind—they are in the gym to escape a similar situation—but because the small group of assembled people might have to conduct their meeting in the presence of a black man punching a bag. Seriously, such gyms are mostly run by fighter-coaches, who will come in during the off hours for their solo work, as business hours occupy them with coaching.

Mescaline Franklin told me he would come into town for this event and pay the cover fee for the venue, so long as it was in the hundreds and not the thousands.

The meeting we wished to facilitate would be a brief evening event. So, with expenses covered, I went about this in the old way.

That left me with three locations, three men I know. None of these three men do business on the phone, it’s a handshake or nothing, even with friends. None of them use email.

One of these men dislikes me, as three of his fighters left him to train with me.

This man grumbled something barely audible about non-fighters defiling his sacred combat space. Honesty, I lost this one on my personality and history with this guy, because he could have used some extra money and was recently forced to move his dojo to a more expensive site because of black-on-white violence.

One man was not able to commit to the date because of a previous scheduled commitment—a belt test, I think, although he didn’t bother explaining.

The third man, deeply in need of rent money for his under-attended school, looked at me in amazement tinged with fear, “What, you wanna bring a bunch of Nazis into my place?”

I groaned, having hit the proverbial wall.

The lessons here for me, are three:

1. Even though most Alt-Right supporters are hard-working men who may expect to be busy during the week, since Antifa brats play hardest on the weekend, and bars [which are often closed on Monday or Tuesday and could be rented in advance] do booming business on weekends, a weekday evening should be considered rather than a weekend, early in the week or midweek, preferred.

2. That such events need to be planned 8-12 weeks in advance, not 4-6 weeks.

3. Gyms and Dojos are now also submerged in the PC matrix, even on the rough fringe. Even men who are being squeezed out of business and their masculine arts abandoned as physical autonomy is removed from the social value set by this feminization of considered community into shrill pecking order, have already internalized the fear that is the currency of the masculine invalidation system we live under.

Although I was unable to assist with securing a venue, if this man still comes to Baltimore, I have offered to assist with his personal security, confident that he is committed to a low-profile exposition of his views.

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ShepJuly 6, 2017 4:07 PM UTC

Compare and contrast this gym in France:

And in the summer, they get outside and do all sorts of useful things: