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Kung Fuckin’ Phooey
Pussycat Martial Arts of Great Bullshito By Bruce Leeless

Thinking back over my life in martial arts, most of it taken up with Wing Chun, I recall during my brainwashed days of being in the “cult” that a master who Bruce Lee said was more dangerous than he was “ambushed” at a seminar by a tough student from another club. I never got to see the footage back in the pre-internet 1980s, but through the magic of YouTube, I have just looked at it, and here it is:

“Ambush” or not, Wing Chun failed against primitive street wrestling, and shouldn’t the real fighter be ready for attack, anyway? And, there was also little power in the punches of the top man. Shouldn’t that many punches have finished his opponent?

So much for classicism; best to keep with bare hand combat boxing (with massive karate-style hand conditioning), power training and Western wrestling. I should have realized this in the 80s, even though I was well aware of the more extreme chi/ki bullshit:

No use crying over spilt guts now:

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