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Soros is Not My Homey
Conversation with My Hungarian Cousin about Soros

I added links as I researched aspects of our conversation on line to add to the article.

• Soros "university" in Budapest, gives a diploma purportedly accepted in the USA, but it’s not; it’s just a scam.

• The university is not on any official list of universities in Hungary.

• Those accepted are closely screened to make sure their beliefs line up with the “university.”

• Most of their students are foreigners, not Hungarians.

• Hungarian government recently passed a law which required any foreigner living there to identify their source of funds which support them there (to avoid Soros agents).

• The Soros university identifies some percentage of the source of their funds but gets a quantity of their funds from an unidentified source (hundreds of millions of forints; one hundred million forints is equal to approximately $370,000).

• Recently, the Soros university students fomented an "uprising" in Budapest, even though they are relatively small in number. Evidently, they have done similar things elsewhere, like Indonesia?

• So the Soros organizations are actually put in place to cause a demonstration or uprising in the country, attempting to divide the country and make room for their ideology. The Hungarians see this as an attack on, or endangering their country’s security.

• Recently, there was an attack against Hungary's border wall, migrants trying to get into Hungary and throwing rocks at the border guards / policemen (my cousin won’t call them refugees anymore, because she sees that as a false statement and part of liberal propaganda).

• One reason why Eastern Europe is not so easily charmed is because only relatively recently in history did the Eastern Bloc break up, and the countries which lived under communism have all gone through the lies of that system, seeing them clearly, and likewise now, the lies of liberal socialism bear resemblance.

• The Hungarians have already been through the Turks invading them from 1454 through the late 1800s (between the fall of Constantinople and the rise of Napoleon), about 12 invasions, burning down their towns, destroying the people. They are especially not naive about followers of the religion of peace people who will invade a Christian nation and kill anyone who doesn't convert as if they were animals.

• However, Hungary has its own struggles between liberal and conservative, and the outcome in the next election holds a question mark.

• The EU wants Hungary to build mosques like they are being built in other parts of Europe and is calling Hungary fascist. (There are already prayer houses functioning as mosques in Hungary which specify their language of prayer [Arabic, Turkish…].)

• Hungary is pretty open, she said, what is hidden will usually come to light, so all kinds of things and opinions get discussed, including opposing ones. With liberal socialism, you are not allowed to speak out against the ideology without being shut down or punished, as was in communism. That's what is fascist!

• Hungary has had no problem allowing in true political refugees, who are interested in becoming productive members of the society. These migrants, however, have no interest in doing this because they are not actual refugees.

• Besides Soros's universities, there are NGOs, also funded by Soros who are promoting these migrants.

• The main source of migrants from Africa are coming from Libya to go to Italy. Evidently, they will swim out a small distance from the coast of Libya where one of these NGOs meets them in small boats or "rubber row boats," picks them up, and instead of taking them back to Libya, deposits them on the coast of Italy. This is also a business arrangement for the PM of Italy and the mafia seems to be involved as well. Someone at the top is getting a kickback for permitting this.

• My cousin also agreed that there is a suppression of masculinity noticeable in the youth and added that girls are getting more "manly" as well.

• More references in English:

To complete my reference list, these were some of the Hungarian articles I read or scanned through on this latest turn of events, of course, not expected to edify the readership: “Nobody Believes in the Soros University Anymore” “How Much Money Would Botka be getting to spin Hungary’s Homeland Security into Danger?” (László Botka of the Hungarian Socialist party will be running for PM in 2018.) “Hungary’s Mosques / Prayer Houses”

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BobJuly 4, 2017 3:37 AM UTC

The Kalergi Plan goes back a long, long way. Focusing on any one particular individual, tempting though it be in the case of Soros, draws attention away from the key elements of this phenomenon, ie. group dynamics at play.
AnonymousJuly 4, 2017 3:30 AM UTC

This transformation of the West has very longstanding roots (Kalergi Plan).

Sure, Soros has a hostile agenda for European societies, but in the scheme of things, he's a small cog in an infinitely larger and more complicated machine. Focusing on any one particular individual obscures the group dynamics at play.
Sam J.July 3, 2017 8:18 AM UTC

I know it won't happen but we could put an end to the invasion of Europe in a couple months. We have Marine Amphibious warfare ships(AWS). Yes we still have some. It has flat bottomed landing craft that ride in the ship. We send a couple of craft to find the invaders in the Med., pick them up in the AWS, sink the rafts and ships they came on then take them back to Libya and dump them on the shore. Personally I think it would much better to dump them in Israel as they probably have something to do with this but I don't want another war so we just dump them in Libya or even better down South on the coast of Africa. Somalia maybe. :)

Should put a stop to this...very quick.
RileyJuly 2, 2017 9:07 PM UTC

Sad that Hungary struggles with modern times, but who said the harpies of the days have died. Troubles furrow their brow and a peaceful crap is far beyond their reach. Where can a harmless man go for solace? Where do the carrion bird's calls cease? Only when one surrenders to the motive, sundering ones foes from their anchors and scattering their spawn across the venue.

Well, they might invite a UN disappearing unit?

I hold out scant hope for these poor beleaguered folks. Just saying.