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Biblical Babes: Rebekah
Lynn Lockhart and James Discuss Spouse Selection for Men

James, I thought about calling this series Biblical Bitches, but I can barely type the word out. You know I like to keep it G-rated, so Biblical Babes it is.

Thanks for your thoughts James. You and your uncle are well prepared for the return of the patriarchy. I want to mention that cousin marriage, or the lack thereof, especially among the masses, is a point of interest in the alt-right, as it may have major behavioral consequences. Interested readers should look into the archives at

Thanks, as always!


Lynn, the inbreeding among the Christian elite intensified over the ages as they became deracinated and secularized over time, with, at the advent of WWI, the elite possessed primarily of class consciousness, rather than racial identity or religious faith. Much of the intellectual opinion on the Right was very race conscious, but the people in power had drifted to the center. I suspect that there is a relationship here, especially in view of the fact that cousin marriage was not an indigenous European tradition, but an import adopted by the elite, who also drew their religious bearings from outside of Europe.

The wordpress link you provided is fascinating, and, I believe, depicts an Eastern European buffer zone, what Stoddard might have called a "dyke." It is simply fascinating that Western Europe is well on its way to undergoing a thorough transformation into a Middle Eastern Culture even as the East is resisting.

Biblical Babes: Rebekah

James, I don't know whether to call it ironic, but you often put me in the mood to pick up my trusty King James Version, the one my uncle ga...

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LaManoJuly 3, 2017 2:25 PM UTC

Seems to me that the effects of inbreeding wouldn't be rocket science even to medieval and Victorian people.

Charles II of Spain (d. 1700) was the result of so many cousin and uncle-niece marriages that his genes were as inbred as the result of a brother-sister coupling followed by a brother-daughter offspring. He was a physical and mental mess, couldn't reproduce, and didn't live long.

And yet the people of the country blamed his disabilities on witchcraft, or a curse of some kind. These people KNEW that you couldn't inbreed horses or cattle or hogs or even rabbits to this degree without resulting in deformities, stillbirths, and abortions; why did they believe you could do it with humans when they could see that exactly the same results ensued?

I suppose it was related to "Divine Rights of Kings" - The king had a divine right to rule because God chose him at conception, and He could "fix" the genetic problem if He saw fit. Obviously that's not the way it works (regardless of how you think it DOES work), but people, then as now, believe what they want to believe ...