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Corruption and Dysfunction in Baltimore
James LaFond Interviewed by Kevin Michael Grace in Notes from Undergroundd


Your interview with Kevin Michael Grace went live today, on the Mother of All Federal Holidays! Kevin Michael Grace delves into the Harm City lifestyle and more with James LaFond.


Lynn, thanks so much for setting up this interview. I also am indebted to you for your patience in talking this luddite through the process of recording audio on this overdesigned type writer.

I felt like I was running my mouth too much and don't have the stomach to listen to that much of me. I hope it was good.

After Kevin walked me through saving this interview on my end, we got into a wide-ranging conversation that ran over an hour about sports, music—which he knows a lot about—and culture. Kevin is a fascinating guy who has edited a magazine, worked as a librarian, lived off the grid, has written for an industrial trade magazine and once interviewed a manager of Formula One drivers. He is interested in the unique American mindset exhibited in such sports as baseball [good] and football and basketball [disgusting] and is a boxing fan. We had a really interesting conversation on the Ali Era, which was great because he's a little older than I and can remember Ali in his prime and I did extensive reading on the subject.

Unfortunately, having listened to the interview, I twice named Kurt Schmoke, probably the best black man to come out of Baltimore, when I should have been saying Martin O'Malley, perhaps the city's worst white man.

To view the video click below.

Kevin Steel

Kevin Steel put up the production notes from your interview, it is somewhat humorous, at least to me, knowing what was really happening.  You can use it to promote it on your site again, if you wish.

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TheHardRight® on Twitter

“James LaFond is an outstanding podcast guest. Absolutely fascinating. I could listen to him talk for hours.”

Wildgraf on Twitter

“Great interview with excellent (but unknown) American writer!”

Bumbling American on Twitter

“Another absolutely terrific episode of 2Kevins: the abyss of Baltimore and how we're all staring into it https://t

Welcome to Harm City, White-Boy

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Sam J.July 8, 2017 4:47 PM UTC

You noted that in the fifties it was big Polish guys beating up Blacks. I think why this turned is Blacks became the victims and any interaction with them the White was deemed at fault. Very much like the White folks with the Confederate flag on their truck riding around in Georgia who are then attacked by a pack of Blacks who to do so abandon their kids birthday party. By all rights it should be the Blacks in jail. Confederate flags may piss them off but it's not an attack on them in the same way as throwing stones. In the past the police would do exactly the same thing they did in Georgia before the politicians got involved. Nothing. Now the police hold Whites accountable for all violent actions even if Blacks start it.

(I wrote all the above before the last part of the interview had played)

Baseball bats...purge...this is crazy.

Talking about older Blacks in school. When I was a kid in a small town in Georgia they integrated the schools. In our Jr. high school we had Black men 19 years old that only came to school for free lunch and to play basketball. It was at times terrifying. If you got out of sight in the wrong place you could dragged off and pummeled. The high school had an all out brawl mass fight between Whites and Blacks. The Whites won in this case as less Blacks could pass the grade to get into high school.

The Jr. High was 60% Black. Fortunately for me I moved that year or who knows what would have happened. I wasn't a big kid nor a MMA type at all.

I read Durant it was good. I love to read.

James you would be great as a speaker. You've got a great voice and a good cadence and interesting stories.

I like all kinds of music but Jazz sucks. I tried to like it but it's just a lot of scales. A little bit of it is ok but really jazz is just showing off and doesn't have feeling to me.
responds:July 9, 2017 6:18 AM UTC

Thanks for the jazz opinion and the compliment, Sam J.
Sam FinlayJuly 8, 2017 7:36 AM UTC

Congratulations, Jim! This was an outstaing interview.
ShepJuly 6, 2017 3:53 PM UTC

Great closing statement!
ScottJuly 5, 2017 7:18 PM UTC

ShepJuly 5, 2017 6:14 PM UTC

Only halfway through, but this sounds like a great interview! The exposure should boost your "brand"!