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The Hunt for Whitey Heats Up
Under the Neo-Rebel Flag: Harm County Hoodrats Have Begun Smoking Whitey Out of His Suburban Hole

Written offline on the 4th of July.

Last night, as I walked to my bus connect on the way to work, three different groups of young thugs prowled, obviously up to no good, as firecrackers burst all around and someone emptied a 9MM mag behind the church.

Overall, I had a pleasant stroll to the bus stop and latter to work.

Just as I got to work, on Amuskai, between a shaded tweener space on Red Oak and Oakliegh, where I saw three thugs skulking and the corner of Red Oak and the back of the shopping center, where I saw another set prowling, a Jeep Pathfinder, a well-maintained late model on/off road vehicle with a soft top, was set on fire. The entire interior, including the steering wheel housing was melted. No one, including the owner and least of all the police, will mark this event as indicative of anything other than teenage mischief.

Soft top vehicles may be destroyed with a lighter. The cover is made of petroleum products and other flammables.

This middle class, suburban area, 85% Caucasian and only 8% African American, has a 5% hoodrat profile, criminals imported from the highest crime, subsidized housing in nearby Baltimore City, on the federal tax dollar.


Two weeks ago, late on a weekend morning, I walked through here, through an idyllic neighborhood, complete with clutches of ladies chatting on the street corner, old men working in the yard, a little boy riding his bike past me and saying, “Quze me!”

85% white.

By day, an all-white area.

Three years ago, it was white around the clock. The “riots” in the nearby city were two years ago.

But the social math must not be done.

Local whites complain on social media of black parents letting their children run free at night.

The fact is that black mothers are sending their young warriors out to wage war on Whitey.

A “good” hoodrat mother will make her son beg or wash windshields or sell bottles of water at street corners. But a “bad” hoodrat mother will send him out to hunt for his food money.

By the time the deluded whites realize this it will be too late.


I often come through late in the afternoon as the skulking thugs gather in knots under light poles and trees, all looking with searching eyes, not conversing, joking, playing, getting to know one another, but scanning enemy territory for targets, communicating via nods, whispers and signs. Between these infiltration posts, pairs of thugs swagger down the middle of the street, daring motorists to challenge their lordship. [I saw this yesterday.]

At dusk, a predominantly black area, with 5% of the population pushing the rest indoors.


I most often walk this area at night as the thugs skulk and stalk.

At night, this is an entirely black area, with 5% of the population is in absolute, lockdown control.

3% of the population is made up of law-abiding blacks targeted by these same thugs, having failed to outrun the ravenous elements of their race.

7% of the population are Asian and Latino, all middle-class.

Under the Neo-Rebel Flag

Now they burn a vehicle.

Why this vehicle?

The owner of the vehicle is a white man, flying an American flag, from a pole erected in his side yard and driving a vehicle that no black man drives, a soft-top jeep, with West Virginia license plates! In urban Maryland, West Virginia is regarded as a white supremacist stronghold. Also, in Baltimore County, white men who used to fly the Stars and Bars, since the election of Trump, have taken to flying the American flag.

The enemy has taken notice.

Why burn?

These savages set153 fires in Baltimore City in one week two years ago and successfully drove the Baltimore City Police Department from the streets [with the support of the city and federal government, though not the State of Maryland, who backed the cops.]

Their grandfathers burned Whitey out of large tracks of Baltimore City in 1968.

Whitey ran.

Whitey came back, homesteading to be closer to government jobs in Washington D.C.

They burned whitey out of the city again in 2015. Half of the white residents who I personally know have left town in these past two years.

Why not burn Whitey out of the suburbs?

Why not pursue the runners and sons and grandsons of runners, knowing full well they will run again?

Where did they learn these tactics, patrolling, beating lone males on foot and attacking the property of gainfully employed men?

This skill set is an amalgamation of pre-1985 Baltimore City Police Methods and hoodrat blighting methods, both of which serve politicians, bankers and social engineers by preventing long term settlement of productive citizens in residential areas dominated by home owners and thus developing a cohesive, local identity and political will—a debt-free voting block with purchasing power. Both the police and hoodrats have long waged war on urban human culture, on neighborhoods.

The cops have long used the predation patrol and home invasion method of terrorizing city residents, the keystone to this being the singling out and beating of lone males possessed of the will and physicality to deter and stop adolescent violence. Once such men are removed and/or discouraged from their instinctual protective role, gangs will rise and use fire, steel and sneakers to drive cohesive social elements from the area.

Vehicle destruction, home invasions [by thugs and cops] and house burnings are used to drive away the more resolute.

With the community broken, the police will abandon it to the devices of the hoodrats, who cannot build or sustain a community, with various agents: off-duty cops, firemen, city works employees and hired thugs used by the municipal government to start fires in vacant buildings, eventually developing gravity for a municipal takeover and sale of property in order to renew the sacred debt cycle.

The hoodrats, having 4 generations of training at the hands of cops and gang sets, are then shipped in cadres to outlying areas to make way for mass resettlement to the suburbs through the same process and clear the city, one block grid at a time, for gentrification.

For instance, each of these 3-5 thug sets in Ridgely Oak only has one or two residents, who bring in their associates from the severely blighted area they just migrated from. The local boy, who just moved in with his mamma, is usually not the leader, but the scout, the safehouse operator.

The upside of this is that Paleface Resistance People now have a rebel flag that cannot be used against them by the State, for it is the Federal Government’s own banner [I stand by this], the Stars and Stripes. Fly it in your cause, but be wary that the Irregular Soldiers in this War on Whitey will use it to target you. On the other hand, those cops who have not sold out to the politicians may be more inclined to help you, as many of them served under this flag in the military.

This is a war and I hope to be its correspondent from the front lines, waxing “I told you so” in the nightly fire glow of another burning cracker wagon.

I am wondering how many years before a car a night burns in Baltimore: 2, 4, 10?

My instinct says that by next year it will be a car a week.

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