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Watch the Blood Bubbling Out
James LaFond & Lynn Lockhart in the Crackpot Podcast Ep 1.2

James, the next segment of our podcast is now up on YouTube. Please alert your readers!


Thanks, Lynn. I can only remember the one we did yesterday, so this should be entertaining for me, getting to know myself from scratch.

Watch the Blood Bubbling Out

James LaFond Crackpot Podcast Ep 1.2

Hello readers and listeners, here is the much awaited second part of the first episode of the Crackpot Podcast with James LaFond: To...

Welcome to Harm City, White-Boy

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Sam J.July 8, 2017 3:17 PM UTC

I was thinking when Lynn said everything was turned up to max destruction where James lives that that's the reason that I think some us read his stuff. It's kind of like a car crash. None of us want for anyone to crash or really want to see anyone hurt but we slow down and look just the same. Can't help it.

The time travel comment really struck me. I feel this way.

I like how Lynn shows his books.

This is the only podcast I watch except for a few Joe Rogan. Mostly podcast are so slow compared to reading that I don't bother.

I like James laugh.

I hung out with a guy who dealt with football player autographed stuff. All these football guys had decent jobs, insurance, various sales kinds of stuff. People wanted them around. They were all fairly congenial and HUGE. I wouldn't get in their way.