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Emasculation Nation
A Country Girl Gets a Mangina Wakeup Call

The author's niece apologizes for doubting his estrogenic prophecy.

I never was 100% sure what you meant by men becoming so feminine, but now I understand.

I'm sorry I doubted you.

Well, there wasn't that much to it. There was just some fat balding guy at work who whined for a ridiculous amount of time about his computer in a different spot, the desk hadn't been tidied up, he didn't like the mouse, etc. He couldn't even call tech support by himself. The office is mostly women, so I hear that kind of complaining all day, but it was the strangest thing to hear it from a man. I try my best not to have double standards, but I totally failed this time.

She succeeded in being a woman and has therefore failed the artificial standards imposed upon her perceptions. Men are at there best when women expect them to uphold a masculine standard.

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