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It's on its Way, so Think Quick!
Dinduification at the Diner by LaMano

NEVER used to see this sort of thing here. New for us but getting more common ....

Last year I was working a 6:00PM to 6:00AM night shift. My lunch break was 0100 to 0200, so I would go to the local 24-hour IHOP to eat. A little waitress sort of took me under her wing after seeing me every night, suggesting what was good from the menu that day, and having a seat across from me if things weren't busy; I was probably a bit of a change from the usual 2:00 AM clientele.

Once, as a table of four dindu men was leaving, she jumped up and ran out the door ... came back in hot and bothered with "Dammit, they ran out on their bill! Now I'VE got to pay it, they'll take it out of my check."

I said "Man, that's a tough policy; what are you supposed to do if they just say 'no', grab them and shake them down?"

She just shook her head and commented about life as a midnight waitress.

Later, sirens in the next block. A car with a pair of dindu couples pulled up in the IHOP lot, and the couples come in and sit down and order, laughing and hee-hawing. A police cruiser drove slowly down the street outside but didn't stop.

Five minutes later, as the table's being served, the two kitchen doors and the two front doors open at once and four cops, hands on holsters, walk in and up to the dindu table. Talk ensues, cuffs come out, and as the four are being walked to the door, the first cop comes to the waitress and says "They need to pay their check, let me have it and I'll get 'em to pay it."

She whips out the check from the previous four that did a runner AND the check for the two couples, hands them to the cop, he glances at them, lifts three twenties from the wallet of one of the cuffed guys, and hands them to the waitress with a "Here's for the check and tip yourself out of that" and through the door and into the car they went.

She came back to my table ecstatic ... I said "Anything who can think that quick won't be waitressing long, you'll be running this place.... !"

I never would have thought of that. I can see I need to change the way I think to match this new world.

LaMano, at our local IHOP the dindu waitress will sneak you out the side door and pocket your payment! The upside of this is that dindus eventually kill the conditions that make social atomization profitable. Too many dindus and you can't stay open after dark. Eventually, especially when crime begins to accelerate—it has not. That will happen when welfare funds dry up—working class Americans will be able to work daylight hours and have off on holidays again.

Welcome to Harm City, White-Boy

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