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A Potentially Legitimate Love Interest for the Pizza Man

Terry hired this big titty, tattooed barmaid. She was 24, about five eight, big, pear-shaped tits, not watermelons, maybe cantaloupes. She had both of her arms tatted all up. She had natural blonde hair. She had two kids, two and four and had an ex-husband who was a big dealer in ecstasy and pot, involved in the drug scene. She lived in a house on Harford Road that he bought with drug proceeds. She was in there [the Shamrock] working and I started talking to her. She was just coming out of a relationship and Big Ron threw his arm around her and said he’d treat her out to a night of fun and drinks.

She was a nice girl, came from a nice family. I met her mother and all. The one kid was sick with some kind of cancer. She wound up losing the kid and became unhinged and fell into the drugs and lost her job at the Shamrock. She lost her house and her mother wound up getting custody of the child that lived and she ended up on the streets a heroin addict. I tried to hang in there with her and keep her grounded, but when the child died, she lost it, which was understandable. She was a young mother with two kids she was raising. The father nowhere to be found and shit just went south and she lost everything.

She was a real nice girl. Some people have a hard time dealing with loss. Once the drugs got a hold of her there was nothing I could do.

It wasn’t long, this all went down in the span of a couple of months.

Welcome to Harm City, White-Boy

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