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August 1-26, 44
From The Diary of Koyama Kiwiwojo

August 1, 44

Mayeda unit reorganized today. Sugita took over command of platoon in place of Kawamura.

There are no entries from the 2nd through the 23rd.

August 24, 44

Started at 04:30 hours and arrived at a point five kilometers west. The Mayeda unit was an advance element, and we followed in the rear led by the commander.

August 25, 44

At 14:00 hours, the enemy landed by sub chasers [1] and barges. We were fired upon.

At 19:00 hours, the commander returned.

August 26, 44

Moved out 1.5 kilometers west.

Platoon Commander Imanga was killed by enemy bullet.

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