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August 27-28, 44
From The Diary of Koyama Kiwiwojo

August 27, 44

At 07:00 hours, left the bivouac area and came out on the coast at noon [12:00 hours].

It was high tide, so we waited until low tide, then departed. Slept on the beaches.

Mayeda unit arrived and left for the Wardo [sick unit]. [1]

The wireless set is dead, rendered useless as the batteries are dead.

August 28, 44

We left as an escort unit for the Mayeda unit and had such difficulty as it was composed entirely of sick men.

Our difficulty does not end there. Our trek has to be made cautiously lest the natives see us.

It appears that the enemy landed in the direction we are going.


1. This citation was in the text. The editor and his multi-lingual typist, begin to suspect at this point that this diary was translated literally by a bilingual native-speaker [perhaps a Japanese POW] and read in simple English to an English-speaking typist.

2. Additional language citation needed.

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