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Everything is a Lie
By Lucas McKane

Suffering a martial arts injury, a soft tissue tear in the hamstring from impractical high kicks that someone my age should not be doing anyway, I stayed at the bugout location, no internet, no-one, just paper, and thousands of weapons, waiting, praying for someone, anyone, to attack. No such luck.

And, I thought it would be a nice present from Those-Who-Stand-in-the Shadows, who rule the fates of men and Gods, to have some good news when I hobbled to a computer and checked what was happening.

Millions of Africans are on the ready to flood Europe:

Ok, but when Europe collapses and peole are starving, will the Africans object to millions of reverse migrants flooding out of Europe into Africa, or will they set up machine guns on the borders? Of course, they will do everything in their power to spread love and joy, because that’s the liberal way, as we have seen exemplified in the great advances in human rights:;;

Then we have Stephen Hawking telling us that, contrary to the work of climate scientists, that we are set to have a “Venus effect” (i.e. temperatures to melt lead) on Earth because of Trump’s skepticism about climate ideology: Well, fuck me with a pineapple. A run-away Venus effect will require sun temperatures far beyond what is expected for at least one billion years. So, the horny prof in the wheelchair got his physics wrong: Just imagine what all of that heat would do to the crotches of the girls (“sticky pussy,” I heard one stripper once say doing her thing in the Aussie heat). He better stick to the physics of “black holes.” Let’s not go there, it may get our two female readers too frisky.

Speaking of sticky pussies, and black holes, it is good to see that the gay lads at the Vatican are having lots of drug-fuelled gay sex orgies, which I feel really helps Christianity’s hygienic public image:

With all of the kiddo sex stuff in the media, this is exactly what is needed to show Christianity’s true light and wholesome goodness:

Not only are there masses of sprog flinging around, but acid too: This is all likely to spill out into an acid war, and before you know it, there won’t be an undissolved piece of metal to scratch oneself with.

Human “vampires” are injecting themselves with human blood mixed with morphine and other goodies, showing how fuckin’ crazy the human race is:

Hopefully HIV will come along for the ride, before we all turn into feminized transgender fish, due to pissed-out contraceptive pills in the water:

Oh, if you are illegal, and a woman, here might be the place to do your PhD on white racism:

Speaking of racists, did you know that crazy old Adolf, with one ball, really used werewolves in his mad crusade:

Not only are all whites bloody racists, but lots of them are shamefully homophobic to boot:; I mean, should such research even be done, since it will be badly misquoted on extremist Darwinist survivalist nut-job websites?

Thank God, the good guys have re-established truth, justice, order, meaning and harmony, and the American way, to the world. I mean, otherwise we could have pathologies like women, glorious feminists that they are, loving violent on-line porn, and that the best-selling novel of all time being a poorly written bondage throw-away that my mum would have been ashamed to use for bum-wiping paper in the bad old days:

Everything is a lie, and maybe, shades of the Liar Paradox, that includes that, everything is a lie: .

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