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The Vacant Call
Big Ron's Baltimore

This was off Cold Spring and Harford, on Mainfield Avenue.

I got a call and I took the food, some subs and chicken wings and I could remember it there and it’s an abandoned house. I knew it was abandoned, so I called the number on the receipt and nobody answers. Then I called the shop and they said stay there and wait a minute. I sat there and saw that there was people outside of the house. I think they were calling up pizza drivers and hoping they’d come to the porch and they would come around and overtake you. I waited a few minutes and got the hell out of there.

They were running these scams at the time, a definite robbery set up. I would always take a good look of my surrounding before I got out of the car, the house I was goin’ to, the neighbors and what was goin’ on around. There might be a lot of people around but you know when it is a group of people waitin’ for you. Any delivery driver ‘s got to keep an eye out. Right up Bayonne Avenue they got the Pakistani driver there, the shit beat out if him and robbed him. There is a lot of crack houses up on Bayonne.

The food that is taken back, they sit it on top of the pizza oven to keep it warm and the employees eat it.

Thriving in Bad Places

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