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Money Moves the World
Big Ron's Baltimore

This was another one at Dutch Village, right behind the shopping center. This big, dindu woman ordered food a lot and she never tipped.

When [welfare] checks come out Baltimore is buying pizza. I’d have so much food in the car the windows were steaming up. So, I hit my best customers first. This night was one of those times and she’s the last to get her food. She was real nasty this time and wanted to know how come it took so long to get her food. She’s really complaining about her food taking so long, so I tell her, “I’m not trying to start a fight or nothin’, but we are real busy and you don’t tip.

She gave a said, Look, so I said, these other people, I usually get a four, five dollar tip from them. Who do you think I’m goin’ to deliver their food to first? Money moves the world.”

She said, “I never thought of it that way. Here is an extra two dollars and when you come back in the future I’ll tip.”

To be honest, I didn’t think she realized about tipping. I guess it was the way she was raised. But It seems that a lot of people don’t understand about tipping and that people that depend on tips have a low wage. It was then that it occurred to me that some people just didn’t know the importance and impact of tipping that they just weren’t raised that way.

Maybe this is a side effect of people being raised on welfare and not having the ability to be able to see things from the working person’s perspective. Really, what’s the difference between a rich boy who never worked and a welfare person who never worked. One just has more shit than the other. Both have life handed to them on a plate, one on a cheap paper plate and the other on fine china.

Thriving in Bad Places

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