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Cubicle Kind
Big Ron's Baltimore

“What’s going on with these women in the brain,”

-Big Ron, after reading from his wife’s copy of a romance-bondage novel

This was a four-story building in Owings Mills. I can’t remember the square footage but it was big with a large open floorplan. They set up all these small cubicles, literally hundreds of people. In each cubicle there is a computer set up and that’s what they do, around the clock, scour the internet. This was the state, a State Police setup.

There was also the NSA and Fort Meade. They were large buildings, 3, 4 5-story buildings, cubicles as far as you could see and all people do around the clock is scour the internet. This gives you and appreciation for how closely we are being watched. There is no way that cops aren’t reading this. Big Brother is watching everything on the internet.

The cubicles are about five feet high, premanufactured products brought in and bolted together. A little 5-6-foot cubicle with desk and chair and they sit in that thing. I’d go nuts having a job like that.

I think that anybody with any intelligence realizes that all of this is being watched and analyzed. Generally, my person philosophy is not to do anything in a car, or on the internet that I wouldn’t do to somebody’s face. We all know about keyboard-tough guys and casanovas, probably some pimply-faced guy. In my opinion, if you don’t want people to know about it don’t put it on the internet.

Welcome to Harm City, White-Boy

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