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Bloody Knees
Big Ron's Baltimore

It was on Parkside Drive, closer to Belair Road, I went there with pizza and I saw this. This was fall, about the nine p.m. range.

I took the food down there and a right nice looking black girl was on her knees in the driveway and there was this guy, standing there slapping her in her head.

The guy had the dindu twisted hairstyle, not corn rows, not braids, not dreadlocks, but twisted nubs like the dude from the Wutang Clan.

She was holding her face. She had a short skirt on, on her bare knees on this rocky drive way.

I pull into the driveway.

There is a name on there, whoever ordered it. It was a woman’s name that ordered it, the guy’s mother. And he’s beating his ho on momma’s driveway.

I said, to myself, “Whoa, fuck it, it’s Go Time. Let’s see what happens.”

I hop out with the pizza and I say to him, “Hey did you guys order a pizza?”

So, he stops beating her and runs in the house and yells, “Momma, pay the pizza man.”

I guess he’s hungry, beatin’ a ho can build an appetite.

So, the mother comes out and pays for the pizza, no fuckin’ tip, credit card, put cash for the tip and didn’t give me nothin’.

I went over and picked her up. Everything was telling me not to, but I picked her up, and asked if she needed help. She’s sobbin’, her knees are bleeding, she’s got some swelling goin’ on on the side of the face.

She says that everything was alright and she walked back to the house and went up in the house.

The mom stood there a while as I questioned her but, the son was in the house. I figured if anything happened he would come out and run his mouth. The mother said nothin, did say a damn thing.

I would have took her in my car and took her to a shelter, but she went back to the house. Maybe she was just hungry and wanted some pizza. Some women are pretty tough.

Being too domesticated crushes the spirit. We weren’t meant to live like this. We need a little adventure in our life, get the blood pumping. I think it’s part of the drug problem. Society has just took their spirit and crushed it.

Welcome to Harm City, White-Boy

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