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The Basis for a Good Relationship
Big Ron's Baltimore

“You mean Big Ron Actually refers to himself in the third person, as Big Ron?

“…But, but—that is so arrogant!”

-Anonymous slave girl, horrified that I was asking Big Ron to give mating advice for young men

The basis for a good relationship is a good lay, especially from a woman’s perspective. If you’re not really getting the job done in the sack what does a woman need you around for?

There are men out here like this, sorry ass guys that can’t contain themselves because they just got a little pussy, but good sex is an important thing to a relationship.

It’s a cliché, but women do look at men who do physical labor. If you need an oil change, change the oil. Women like to see that. Basically, physical labor and good dick is what they are looking for out of a man, which is good for me because that’s basically all I’ve ever been good for anyway.

Well, yeah, there is fighting too. I’ve never had a problem there either.

Three Top Tips

1. The most important thing is to be able to talk to a woman, no awkward silence, stuttering, talking about video games. Women do like to talk about their favorite thing—and that is their selves—but they also want to talk about the man. If you are a young man most any woman can be had by saying the right things. That’s talking the talk, get your foot in the door.

2. The second part is when the rubber hits the heart-shaped road, you’ve got to bang her guts out and leave her wanting more. If you can eat pussy that fine, but I would forget the how to articles—the main thing is to see what she likes and satisfy it. You’re getting sex, make her enjoy it, get her hooked and reeled in, you can get her moved over to what you want later. Start out getting a feel for what she wants, leave her panting and looking for more, then start bringing her over to what you want later on. To reel a woman in you have to start out with what she wants. It’s like a praying mantis, gotta do the dance of death and not get your head bit off.

3. You’re going to have to start making some concessions on other levels than the sexual. You’re a man, it’s your job to suffer for her and the kids. Take it on the chin and keep rolling with it. If you have to do without so she can have, than you do it. Modern society has become feminized to the point that a lot of men have forgot that it’s their job to go out and fight and, hunt and die and provide. That’s your woman, so go out and provide. You have to remember that the next swinging dick is trying to edge you out so you’ve got to keep the arms race goin’.

4. 3.1, good hygiene, women respond to good hygiene.

Welcome to Harm City, White-Boy

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