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The Foreman
Big Ron's Baltimore

He was a Polack. His last name was Jaworski. He used to ride guys like they were a horse, liked to micromanage what was goin’ on.

When I became a foreman I did well based solely on the way I could get a read on people. There are some guys you can hand a set of blueprints to and they could go build it, other guys, you have to go lay it out, and still other guys that you have to take them through step-by-step.

This guy, he would run around trying to micromanage every guy. If I ran things like him, I’d run myself ragged—don’t know how he got the energy to do it. Me and my partner will, who [later] went to Salt Lake City, he trusted us and didn’t give us too much of a problem.

That was pretty much it about him ,he was just a real asshole.

This guy never laid his hands on anybody. He fired a lot of people. I seen him crack a smile firing a man three days before Christmas.

The Irishman, Timmy, he was a Hampden boy, a baby boomer generation guy, about 5’ 6” a hundred and forty, a small welterweight. I remember him telling everybody, “If he ever yells at me like he does you guys, I’m going to get him back for all of you guys.”

Timmy was a man of his word, because one day it happened.

They get in an argument and the Polack tells him, “You’re off the job, out of here, fired.”

They get out to the front of the job and the Polack sticks his hand on his chest and shove-holds him back. He was maybe 3-40 pounds, heavier, three-four inches taller, a noticeable difference.

When he put his hand on his chest, Timmy comes over top with a right hand [cross] breaks the Polack’s nose, and then lets his hands go, obviously had boxing ability, dings him up and drops him in the sand pile.

The Polack gets up and pulls a stake out of the dirt to use it as a weapon and the Irishman grabs it overtop [in a pronated grip] with his left hand and then throws three-of four right hands in his face and drops him, then lays three or four work boats in his face. While this is going on, myself and probably 40-50 other guys are cheering like hell. I was probably from here to across the street away [about 100-120 feet]. We could hear the words but I couldn’t hear the punches.

After he a laid a couple boots to the Polack’s head. The big wigs come out from the trailer and this was a government project, so the NSA police show up pretty quick.

The cops show up and we’re talking up Timmy, saying the man laid a hand on him and the cops says, “Here is what the deal is, If I’m arresting one, I’m arresting both.”

The big guys from the trailer told the Polack, “Look, we’re dropping charges and walking away from this.

The NSA can’t call parametics like the police. They’ had a rubber glove with a shop rag holding his nose.

Timmy was fired and I think that was fine with him. He was getting ready to quit and that was his way of doing a resignation.

Timmy, I ended up getting good friends with. His favorite movie scene was the rape scene in Deliverance and I told him I’d go home and put men underwear on my wife and video the scene for him and he thought it was funny. Never told her, though.

I found out that he was in federal prison in the 80s because he was hooked up with Whitey Bulger’s gang in Boston and was managing a gun-fronting scam. He would find people in Maryland who could pass the gun background check and go and buy a gun and then the gun would get stolen. They would give them money to buy the gun and pass the background check and then take the guns and he’d drive all these guns up to Boston to the Bulger gang and he would get payed for them and they would take the guns and sell them to the Irish Republican Army. Most of them went to prison, including Timmy here in Baltimore who was collecting dust in the federal pen for most of the 80s.

He was a pretty thorough dude, wasn’t anybody you wanted to fuck with and the Polack guy found that out pretty fast. I lost track of him after that. He should be near retirement age by now if he’s still alive.

Welcome to Harm City, White-Boy

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