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Who’s Afraid of Australian Journalists?
(Where the Fuck is Australia?) By William Rapier

Australian journalist Chris Uhlmann is the darling of the globalist chattering class at the moment for his “brutal takedown of US president Donald Trump and his behaviour at the G20 summit”:

Trump was an “uneasy, lonely, awkward figure and you got the strong sense some of the leaders are trying to find the best way to work around him.”

This is true, but only goes against the rest of the globalist wolf pack. These leaders represent the interests of the 1 percenters, and the Dark Lords standing in the Shadows above even them. They despise the ordinary people, and there are whole books about this now, and daily quotes from news services such as Breitbart to confirm it. Here is a sample from today:

Of course Uhlmann’s words would appeal to his own audience, but so what? Why give so much significance to an Australian journalist, one who has a solid and respected reputation in mainstream media in Australia, to be sure, but is not an American journalist? Hands up how many Americans knew of his existence before this? We must face the facts, that most Americans do not even know where Australia is, or care, we are so insignificant in the scheme of things. It must be a very sad American chattering class if they need support from Australians, however special in this country, for their propaganda. Let’s consider all of this, rationally.

'[He] is the first journalist to accurately assess the reign of Donald Trump, and what he just did to America,' the Rebel Action Network tweeted. What, in a two minute presentation, when whole critical books have now been published by liberals, attacking Trump? What does this say about that “scholarship”? And, hasn’t almost every Hollywood star been attacking Trump, since, well, when Adam was in nappies?

'Sadly, your assessment of Trump is dead-on. We Americans and the world deserve better than this incompetent, incoherent ignoramus,' Shelly Sure said. Ok, sure, Shelly, whoever you are, (it appears that she is someone on Twitter:, but all of this has been said tens of thousands of times, here in the US, every day.

Uhlmann said President Trump 'craves power because it burnishes his celebrity'. How does he know this? How does he prove it? Psychological material and studies, please! And, I take it that Hillary Clinton and all other political figures do not? Consider:;;

'Trump has brought shame on America, he is the laughing stock of the world,' PrairieWind Creation said. Sorry, but I could not find you on the net. Who are you? I hope that you have not blown away from the prairie winds. And, where is the proof of your claim? Are his supporters saying that, or only bloodied progressives, who are upset that their Leftoid goals are being challenged at long last?

During Uhlmann's two-minute speech, he also criticized Trump's use of Twitter, saying he 'barks out bile in 140 characters' and 'wastes his previous days as president'. What – Obama could go to the gym, but Trump is roasted for communicating to Americans on social media! Even if this was so, today most youth are locked into social media anyway, and a whole part of our insane economy is actually based on people wasting their time making meaningless electronic communications. Trump is at least saying something meaningful even if it gets up the dirty snouts of the progressives and commos.

'To be constantly talking and be talked about is all that really matters and there is no value placed on the meanings of words.' That too, must apply to your words, and that of your chattering class colleagues as well. If anything, this complaint applies to an entire electronic civilization:;;

So, even if this criticism of Trump did hit, it also hits most of his critics, who on their social media posts, live in his shadow. They are like the folks who go to pro-wrestling matches, only to wipe the sweat off the wrestlers as they leave the ring and smear it over their faces, in an atavistic ritual. Attacking the Donald, is now a business.

In short, the Uhlmann comments are just the sort of things which his US journalist equivalents have been saying. Nothing original, but it is no doubt useful to have an outsider condemn Trump to seemingly say: look at what the world is saying, so feel ashamed, America. The Australian new class like to bash their opponents by the same methodology, constantly appealing to some mythical “international community,” who stand to judge them. But, it is a convenient myth, because nobody outside of their small, unclean fish bowl really cares. Australians are just not important in the scheme of things. Well, maybe for 10 minutes after the nuclear holocaust of the north, but no time other than that.

Come fifteen minutes or so

(, and all of this will be forgotten, including my comments here. The mad caravan of the media, would have moved onto the next “big thing.”

The incident does show that there is a great division in society between the ordinary working people, and the new class elites:;

Here is an early book, written by another Australian, also with the surname “Uhlmann” giving a perspective, opposite to the one demolished here: Graeme Campbell and Mark Uhlmann, Australia Betrayed: How Australian Democracy has been Undermined and Our Naïve Trust Betrayed, (Foundation Press, 1995):

Trumpapocalypse Now: The Advent of an American Usurper at the fall of Western Civilization

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MescFranklinJuly 11, 2017 2:27 PM UTC

Brother William, have you seen the video in your country (not sure which city) of a large shirtless aryan with long hair pounding on some Invaders? Heartwarming, Mate.

Whats going on in Australia is both unique and despairingly similar, I raise a pint to you for doing similar work to Brother James. Cheers!