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‘Cannot Do Any Other Work’
Walter and Winford Pritchet, Enslaved Married Couple Escaped from their Master

July 3, 1766

The Pennsylvania Gazette


RUN away from the subscriber, a servant man and woman, named Walter and Winford Pritchet;

the man is a taylor to trade, and cannot do any other work; the woman is a stay maker, and very handy at house work;

they both speak good English, but low, take snuff, and love liquor;

the man is about 5 feet 7 inches high, has black hair, and grey eyes;

the woman is but low of stature, pretty likely, has black eyes and black hair;

as they came lately from Ireland, their clothes are but ordinary, and probably have changed them.

Whoever secures them in any goal on this continent, and lets me know in the public paper of this province, shall have the above reward for both, or Fifty Shillings for either. I hear the man is listed, and has taken his wife with him to Fort Pitt. All gentlemen of the army are forbid to list or harbour them, and Captains of vessels to carry them off, at their peril. HENRY NEILL.

So Her Master May Have Her Again

A History of Runaway White Slaves in Plantation America: Part Two

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