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A Word from the Outer Dark
A Sampling of Poetry from Robert E. Howard

2008, Robert E. Howard Properties, 213 pages

This handsome little book, wrapped in a staunchly brooding portrait of Robert E. Howard, regarding a western landscape from behind, is available only at the Robert E. Howard Museum in Cross Plains, Texas.

I am enjoying a copy brought to me by Mescaline Franklyn, back to the pestilential pit of despair that is Harm City at the end of his dozen-state tour of the south and southwest.

This collection of over 100 Howard poems contains, at a glance, dozens that I have never read.

What a treasure.

Thank you, Mescaline Franklyn!

"All day I lay with the sun at my back

As a serpent lies with a changeless stare,

My Fierce Eyes fixed on the single track

That led from the woods to the cabin there."

-Robert E. Howard, The Kiowa's Tale

A Well of Heroes: Two:

Literary Impressions of the Prose and Verse of Robert E. Howard

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