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Harm City Character?
How Can James get Promoted to Shitlord?

Lynn just sent me this wonderful Twitter feed, which, though flattering, points up the fact that Alt-Right intellectuals are as clueless about the real lives of most urban Americans as their lefty counterparts.

This Katie Babe should interview Big Ron in person!

Katie McHugh 


‏ @k_mcq 17h

17 hours ago


This is one of the most fascinating interviews I've ever heard... @KMGVictoria, please do a follow-up.

And this Jay Rocker guy has given me the greatest backhand compliment I could have asked for. I would love to advise the shitlords of the world and am so enamored of shitlords, if I could be one, I might actually try to live a long life.

Exactly how does one become a shitlord?

Jay Rocker‏ 




Replying to @k_mcq @KMGVictoria

Lafond is like a Tarantino character if Tarantino were a shitlord.

2:53 PM - 10 Jul 2017

Thriving in Bad Places Kindle Edition

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KoanicJuly 12, 2017 3:02 AM UTC

Are you kidding? The shitlords want to know how to become khans!

If you live long enough, you'll see the shadow brotherhood emerge to bring down the rotting zombie carcass of the USSA.

For now, we knit cohesion across the 'Net.