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‘If the Bad Guy is Standing His Ground?’
LaMano and James Discuss Methods for Rescuing Noncombatants from Hoodrat Swarms

The following comment was to The Push Cart

July 11, 2017 2:25 PM UTC

I'm tellin' ya, this right here is one of the things on my mind when I wrote a few days ago about "How do we help get things turned around?"

I'm making my way through all of JL's books on how you DEFEND yourself when you're outnumbered and alone on turf abandoned by civilization.

But when you say "I'm not going to stand by and watch this like some kind of white scared faggot!" and you want to go help like Big Ron did, how do you approach that? I suspect that if I and my two sons piled out of a car, totalling 19'6" and massing 750 pounds total, that 90% of the time the scrotes would run, but what happens when they don't? What's the right way to move in and take care of business if the bad guy is standing his ground?

Here at home, we're all armed on our own streets. But we wouldn't be if we were on our way to Camden Yards for a ball game ... other techniques are needed.

Maybe it's worth an article or a chapter in the next book "If You Have To Help Stop The Rot" ..... ?


This is a huge subject, LaMano, so I will stick with the group-on-group intervention described by Big Ron and alluded to in your hypothetical trip to Camden Yards with your sons.

Teams of aggressors have the highest incidence of success against violent groups do to high cohesion.

Trios of aggressors have the highest level of success against individuals because they maintain some of that team cohesion and get an extra angle.

Just like in boxing, fencing and stick fighting, angle of aggression is the angel of aggression, a key component in military victory—dating back to Alexander’s favorite tactic of riding a wedge of men into a line at an angle—and every play we witness on the National Felony League network.

Do not line up or abreast.

Either stack up in echelon or form a wedge.

Cut into the enemy formation at an angle.

If you go in on their right, neutralize their right hands immediately. This is how you go in if you are set on grappling and/or think they might be armed.

If you go in on their left, go hard and turn their left shoulder in, which gives you their back.

Do not speak, yell, negotiate or posture—but seek contact. Silently seeking contact breaks most mobs.

By careful not to line-up, stand shoulder-to-shoulder or present your front.

Go in behind one shoulder or the other.

Go in on your lead man's shoulder, the back of his shoulder touchable by your opposite hand and the man behind you doing the same. That is a simple echelon approach. Two of those knit together makes a nice six-man wedge. To form a three-man wedge put your strongest in the lead with the other two behind in the same fashion, hand to the back of the lead man's opposite shoulder. Hell, if he is shoving someone you can shove his back [from his shoulder blade, not in between the blades or on the shoulder joint] and help out.

If you are big and strong and don’t know how to grapple or punch, don’t try it, but push instead. Step in with your right foot at an angle against their left shoulder, placing your foot behind their heel and shove.

Bouncers get a lot of work done shoving. Against a swarm of hoodrats, just start violently shoving them into hard objects or go bowling for their friends. Remember, that since you are rescuing someone you don’t have to hurt or KO or subdue, just drive off the jackals.

If you end up caught in a clinch with a big bull buck or a strong hopper, just make sure that your right hand is over-hooked [over his shoulder] so that you can rake his eyes with your polar bear claws.

Do not over hook with the left in a street encounter or you could be easily killed if he has a blade.

Thriving in Bad Places

When You're Food: Raw:

A Fighter’s View of Predatory Aggression: The Forever Autumn Press Edition

Waking Up in Indian Country: Harm City: 2015

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ShepJuly 14, 2017 4:58 PM UTC

PR—Dirty Judo! A sport for the new millennium!
PRJuly 13, 2017 11:46 PM UTC

Shep, James,

I've played a little judo so I know how to do an O Soto Gari. It sounds like you're saying you need wrist control of his right arm while over-hooking with your right hand. INstead of raking his eyes, you can also use your right elbow against his left jaw which is easier if, while controlling his right wrist, you push your forehead into his chin or nose to find range (or headbut him). Elbows to the jaw usually knock the guy out immediately.

Another thing that works if you see he has empty hands is to get him in a thai clinch, pull down on his head, give him knees and then push him as he tries to pull his head back up. Or you can hold onto his head and keep quarter-turning him into his friends to block his friends from rushing you.

Slamming his head into a hard object as soon as possible takes him out of the equation and reduces the number of attackers.
ShepJuly 13, 2017 8:30 PM UTC

Instructional video for a slightly-more technical approach to the technique described in the last few paragraphs. Note the overhook grab with the right, and the arm-control grip with the left. Modifications could include using the right hand as an "alien face-hugger" grip, and using the left with a complete wrap-up of the opponents arm, tucking it in the crook of your elbow under your armpit.

The leg hacks at the back of the opponent's knee, creating a sweep, rather than a trip.