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What's Cooking?
More Importantly, What Are the Fastest Falling Menu Selections at the Hip Hop Human Café—More Than Darkmeat on the Menu?

The Harm City Hoodrats are crushing it with a stunning 183 kills. But, here at we aren't all about glorifying the criminal aspects of hip hop life. We know compassion for the victims of The Game.

So who are they?

More importantly, what kind of people were they?

What were their moral color?

Be prepared for a white guilt bath, crackerjack, because, of 183 killings in Baltimore:

167 were innocent and dindunuffin'!

12 were evil and got what was coming

1 was presumably good at math

2 were hard-working Target's of Trump's hate

1 was Mystery Meat! They couldn't even tell what this dude was! This is an improvement for the mystery race, as last year, in 2016, six Baltimore killings were of people who were racially unidentifiable. The aliens seem to be being treated better since they landed. In all seriousness, now I know what my black friends meant when they talked about, "beatin' da black off dat nigga's ass!"

The fascinating aspect of this count is the gender disparity, the subject of the next Murderbowl installment, Hunting Baltimore Bitches Fo Keeps.

The Hunt for Whitey

Recognizing and Surviving the Condition of Anarcho-Tyranny

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Mike_CJuly 12, 2017 8:36 PM UTC

Let's look at percentages. Of the 183 decedents, 91.3% (167) were persons apparently incapable of moral agency (because we are always told that *anything* bad such a person does is tautologically because of pervasive, systemic, eternal racism), 6.6% (12) were guilty guilty guilty crackas, 0.5% (1) were good at math (heh), and 1.1% (2) hard-working culture enrichers.

Now the 2016 US Census estimates (of race as percent of population) for Baltimore city are: 63.3%, 31.4%, 2.8%, 5.1%. (Yes, the numbers add up to 102.6%—I don't know why other than that these are estimates; also the "Hispanic" category is not clearly defined and some people may be getting doubled-counted. But we'll go with these percentages in the following, even though I'm supposed to be good at math.)

Once again we see how the sneaky white devil gets away with less than his share. Equality between races would require 183x0.314=57 dead crackas but we only got 12; whitey is getting underkilled by a factor of 4.75. Similarly, we expect 5 dead Chinamen (or similar) but Chinamen are underkilled by 5-fold, and Hispanics are getting underkilled by 4.5-fold (9 expected). The Best People however are getting overkilled by a factor of 1.48 (113 expected vs 167 actual).