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The Rise of the Fuckbots
By Ivarr the Boner

The latest answer for men, alienated by our toxic feminist, go-girrrrrrl environment, is sexbots. Yes, Microsoft spell check did not like that one, but it is a reality:;

Things are not perfected yet, but the Realdoll AI silicon sex toy, is docile and submissive, capable of learning, and programmed to say all the right things. And, unlike a real whinging woman, is available for sex, any time. She does not complain about performance or the size of one’s member (which is not to say that anyone has ever complained to me about that, and anyway, I don’t care a fuck).

Alt Right folk are pretty much against this, equating it to the harm done by jacking off watching online porn, because it is just going with the feminist agenda. True, but in the short term, it would help with plumbing pressure problems. The only real issue is the cost: would it be more cost effective to invest in docile and submissive hookers? Perhaps one of those economic types on the neo-masculinity circuit, like Cappy Capitalism, could do an econometric study of this, if it is not already done.

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