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Liberals are the Walking Dead
By Lucas McKane

My son Mark McKane watches all the zombie stuff on TV, but I don’t. He said that I should watch “Fear the Walking Dead,” because the latest episodes had an old survivalist dude on it, who was getting a mildly superficial airing of his Darwinian survivalist views. I said that he is just being set up to be knocked down, but I watched anyway, to see if I could second-guess the plot. I came close, but did not get 100 percent, only 99 percent.

Normally, no-one here is interested in the plot details of such trash, but I think it is of some relevance because it shows the liberal mind at work, and there are lessons for us.

Basically, we have the liberal multiracial family headed by (mother) Madison, a blond race-traitor type, her Maori husband Travis, Nick, Travis’ biological son who is a greasy druggie and Alicia, an 18-year-old princess, the type sites like Return of Kings rage against. This family has been going around with others who have dropped off, in circles, in the post-apocalyptic wasteland, and only surviving fuck-up after fuck-up because of the scriptwriter. Reality would have culled these people out before day one, end of show.

The bad guys are the Otto family, in the most recent episodes. There is an old survivalist, Otto, his leftish son Jake, and his neo-Nazi-style son Troy. Short of the long, the liberals are picked up at what was once the Mexican/US border, and given refugee in the survivalist compound of the Otto’s. But, on the way there, the Otto’s helicopter is shot down, and Travis is killed. Turns out the liberals land right in the middle of a 1870s style Indian war. Local chief, let us call him Big Chief Spiritual, wants the ranch. Really, he wants revenge on old man Otto who killed his father, as well as the ranch. The line is run that Jeremiah stole the land, even though he says he bought it on the market. He did kill some Indians in some vaguely described battle, but that was not shown to be how the property was acquired during rule of law days. This is not the wild west, not yet. It is not explained how, if murder was committed, that there was no investigation. The bodies were easily found: Nick just goes and digs one up, perhaps sniffing it out.

While Jeremiah Otto is socially constructed in the lead up to the final two episodes, the writers go out of their way to push the line that he is a racist, and a drunk, and thus deserves to die. Madison is initially on side, but little princess and Nick the greasy are not. There is a sub-plot about another one of team liberal, Ofelia, who for some unknown reason left the main group and went into the desert. She is found by old man Otto, who gives her water, but says that he does not want her back at the ranch because she is “brown.” If he was the real Nazi, he would have just shot her on the spot. Anyway, her story line is worked in because Spiritual Indian then finds her, saves her, and they start making inter-racial love dance. Later, he beats her up a little (no domestic violence claim here), and sends her into the Otto camp with a brown powder, soon revealed to be anthrax. Never mind that this would have wiped out all of the Indians handling it before, as well as Hispanic Ofelia. Apparently, while saying racist things is bad, murdering people via biological weapons is ok, if you are not white.

Anyway, with all their fighters dead, Madison does a deal with Chief Spiritual to kill old man Otto and share resources, and her son Nick does the deed, shooting the old man in cold blood, with a Colt .45 that the old man gave the gang banger. (A real nice gun.) Nick really likes killing people in cold blood. The ranch is now theirs.

It is worth watching this shit to see the liberal mind at work. Madison, like her scum children, comes to accept that the land belongs to the Indians, even though by the same argument, all the US land would be the Indians and she would be dispossessed wherever she dragged her sorry lib ass. After revenge on Jeremiah Otto, there is no reason to suppose that the Indians would not want everything, especially given water shortages. Further, Madison quickly forgives Chief Spiritual for killing her husband, because, well Jeremiah did say a few racist things about Indians. So, to be on the moral high ground, she emotionally manipulates her mentally unstable son to murder Jeremiah, who, by the way, was openly friendly to the mixed race Hispanic lad, indicating that he was not really a “racist” in a strict sense, hating brown people as the episode claimed. If so, why take in Nick the Hispanic, who is browner than Ofelia is? But, gunned down he is. The moral of the story seems to be; if you are going to be a “racist” then go the entire way down the road, no half measures, trust none of ‘em. As well, the Indian camp is easy to walk up on, and Troy does a rescue mission, getting back hostage, little princess, so they could have easily wiped these dudes out, no sweat.

What is interesting is that that shows like this indicate that liberals are not consistent moralists, but are opportunists, who play the moral game only because that is the present way the system works, and they reap rewards by that method. They ultimately go with the flow, and thus are probably not going to be culled out by natural selection in a collapse as easily as many of us have believed.

Nevertheless, even though they are deceptive in their proclaimed universalistic morality, and are just narcissists, they are certainly lacking in all real survival savvy and skills. Thus, they are completely dependent upon the system. They want guns banned, but hide behind the system’s thugs with guns to protest their precious hides, and will never be able to fight on their own. They are too weak to survive in any collapse scenario.

Thus, the good news is, that there will be no stories like the one described here in the coming collapse. For starters, no Darwinian survivalist nutjob would take in anyone like Madison and her foul brood in the first place. No rational racist would be as soft as Jeremiah, in a world with no pc organizations to enforce moral codes with the strong arm of “The Law.”

I suspected that Madison was a “victim” of domestic violence, having the face that begs for it, and lo and behold, she was. A sub-plot has her as a girl killing her father with a handgun because he hit mom. We are not told what happened next; probably the system gave her a medal for killing a White racist/sexist, or whatever. But, if mom was anything like her, her dad would be grateful to be put down and out of his misery.

The great thing about the inevitable zombie apocalypse is that it means the end of all of these sorts of people. To live in a world, however radioactive and degraded, if only for a minute as a lion, even a dying one, would be worth it. Let them burn civilization to the ground, so long as They burn with it.

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MescFranklinJuly 14, 2017 9:27 AM UTC

Kill your Television!
PRJuly 13, 2017 11:33 PM UTC

The writers were probably white.

It's hilarious that these white liberal writers think that a family that can't get by before the collapse will suddenly rise to the occasion post-collapse and outlast all the normies. Notice also the ingratitude of the liberal family taken in by the Ottos. No good deed goes unpunished.

I'm glad I didn't waste an hour watching the show. Thanks for saving me the time.