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Man Gearing
Rejecting the Manosphere for Your Inner Khan

In recent Skype interviews with Lynn, I have been asked questions on masculinity which I did not have concise answers for at the tip of my forked, white devil tongue.

I have also been lately treated to some “wisdom” of mangina kind, meaning the Men’s Rights whiners, necessitating the purging of my testosterone tank of estrogenic impurities.

Hence, my inner Khan, channeled down the ages to me from an as yet undiscovered Kurgan burial mound, has directed me to begin a brief overview of the masculine gear box, which he, of course, expressed in terms of horsepower…

I am only doing one masculinity book this year, so this will serve as an appendix to Masculine Axis.

James LaFond, Year 53 of The Sissy Age.

Under the God of Things

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