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The First Thing A Man Does
When He Enters the Room: Man Gear One

When a man of the primal kind enters any new space: a bar, a work place, a police station, a sports venue, a boat, bus, cruise ship, a church or other place of reverence—any place—the very first thing he does is…

Locate the woman that God shaped with your taste in mind, whatever those tastes may be. It is your duty to sow that field with the seed of your descendants. First the field must be secured. Whatever goes wrong, saving her and her vagina are priority one.

This applies even if you have no need for a woman and/or she is spoken for. You are saving her for your race, for the future, for her rightful owner.

If, in a setting such as prison, or at a feminist convention, there is no worthy woman, then precede immediately to Man Gear Two.

Under the God of Things

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