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Hunting Bitches
In Harm City its Bitch Season All Year—But How Does the Harvest Compare to Buck Season?

Let’s compare the kill selections made by the predatory hoodrats of Harm City over three years.

Kilt Bitches, 2015

Total Female Kills: 23 of 344 or 7%

Mystery Meat: 0 of 0

Latino: 0 of 3

Asian: 1 of 3 or 33%

Caucasian: 6 of 17 or 35%

Black: 16 of 321 or 5%

Kilt Bitches, 2016

Total Female Kills: 25 of 318 or 8%

Mystery Meat: 1 of 6 or 17%

Latino: 0 of 3

Asian: 0 of 1

Caucasian: 6 of 17 or 35%

Black: 18 of 291 or 6%

Kilt Bitches, 2017, Mid-Season

Total Female Kills: 17 of 184 or 9%

Thus far, 2017 has the highest female to male ratio of the three years under review—a bad year to be a bitch in Baltimore.

Mystery Meat: 0 of 2

Latino: 0 of 2

Asian: 0 of 1

Caucasian: 6 of 12 or 50%

Black: 11 of 167 or 6%


-Bitch killings have increased 1% each year.

-Latina bitches are safe in their ethnic enclaves.

-Mystery meat bitches are the second safest female demographic.

-Black bitches have sustained a flat rate of kills per black fatalities at 5-6%

-Asian bitches are safe, unless there is rioting, then they are hunted like white bitches.

-White bitches are at the top of the menu and are slain from a third to half as often as white men. In comparison to their men, white bitches are 9 times more likely to be slain by a hoodrat than is an actual hoodrat bitch.

Overall, of females slain in Baltimore in this season, 65% are black, and 35% are white, mirroring exactly the ratio of blacks to whites residing in Baltimore, a perfect match! No white privilege for bitches!

However, the 156 black men killed to the 6 white men killed yields a wide disparity, with 85% of male victims being black and only 4% white, which means that the two most desired prey humans in Harm City are black men and white women. If these were abductions instead or murders we might suspect a porno producer of kidnapping these people for what I have been told is the most popular form of porno fetish, black men and white women. For men, white privilege is in effect in the Murderbowl.

From a functional standpoint, what you have here is a pattern of killing the most careless prey [black men] and weakest and least protected prey [white women] with Latinas and Asian women safe in their ethnic enclaves.

The Hunt for Whitey

Recognizing and Surviving the Condition of Anarcho-Tyranny

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DLJuly 13, 2017 3:19 PM UTC

Your ending sentence seems to prove that white men are the most emasculated group, however it also seems to indicate that white women have the most feminist, liberal beliefs, putting themselves at risk naively.