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A Genuine Contribution in a World of Spin
Book Review by DL: Trumpapocalypse Now by John Saxon

If you appreciate learning above all, are major news network avoidant, would rather think than believe, or consider yourself apolitical because unrepresented anywhere in the current system, then I recommend this book.

It’s not just about Trump, though that is a catchy title. It’s about the madness in the world—avoided, ignored, whitewashed, or denied. If you’re troubled by it and have an open mind, give his well-researched articles a good look. The earthy, irreverent humor doesn't hurt either.

What I liked best about the format were the reference links inserted into the relevant text, so that I could easily see or learn something new. This was a treat. The articles are short and easily read a few at a time.

Not that it was easy to choose, but some of my favorites were the following:

The Coming Wars of Religion by Andrew Ryan

Bring Them All in, Every One of Them by William Rapier

All You Need is, Not Love, but Testosterone by Eirik Bloodaxe

What is Good for Cells, is Good for Nations Too by William Rapier

Throw Another Aussie on the Barbie: The Crime/ Race War in Australia by Andrew Ryan

The Islamic Colonization of the West by William Rapier

Conspiratorialism: A Philosophical Defence by William Rapier

The Cost of Women’s So-Called Liberation by Eirik Bloodaxe

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