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Boxing versus MMA
How Could a Balanced Match, a Compromise Fight, Halfway Between MMA and Boxing, Be Arranged?

"The shit show has begun."

-Big Ron

"Obviously, Mayweather wins in a boxing match and an MMA match wouldn't even be competitive, so, in what combative context could these guys compete on even ground? For that matter, if we take any MMA fighter versus a boxer, how could a match be arranged that accounts for both skill sets in a meaningful way?"


David, boxing evolved from fencing. Until efforts to commercialize the sport in the 1880s, a classic boxing match often pitted a skilled boxer versus a cruder form of boxer with a wrestling background.

A round ends when a man goes down.

He gets 30 seconds to be attended and return to the ring center.

All punches are allowed above the waist.

Holding is allowed.

Pushing is allowed.

Holding and hitting is allowed.

Standing submissions are permitted.

Throwing is allowed.

These rules meant that if you took two twins and trained one in Judo and the other in boxing, then their matchup would be even.

MMA gloves would be worn to satisfy modern sensibilities.

The fight ends when a man cannot get back to the ring center by his own power after being knocked down or thrown, or when he is KO'd or submitted.

That was boxing 200 years ago.

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