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Bitches Be Crazy Is Back
Radio Free Dindustan Summer Special

Full frontal ground and pound.

And yes she did…and it wasn’t just a figure of speech when she did it.

Gorgeous UFC star DROPS towel at weigh-in before making opponent POO herself

A UFC star who accidentally dropped her towel during weigh-in went on to smash her rival – who subsequently pooed in the middle of the Octagon.

UFC babe Felice Herrig drops her towel during naked weigh-in.

This is your brain on drugs…

Here’s a tip: Don’t demand your drugs back after getting charged for possession. 26-year-old Emily Morin was booked Tuesday after allegedly doing just that. It was her second arrest in just five hours.

Woman Demanded Drugs Back After Her Release, Police Say

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ShepJuly 16, 2017 7:50 PM UTC

Crazy? I'll show ya crazy!

Why did she shoot him? Because she could!