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Mixed Species Martial Arts Update.!/fileImage/httpImage/image.JPG_gen/derivatives/16x9_620/grizzlystudy.JPG

'We want this bear alive': Thousands rally to save grizzly that's chased humans

4,000 signatures collected urging officials not to resort to killing grizzly despite aggressive behavior

Darwinist update.

But could they survive life in Harm City?

“Tardigrades are the toughest, most resilient form of life on earth, able to survive for up to 30 years without food or water, and endure temperature extremes of up to 150 degrees Celsius, the deep sea and even the frozen vacuum of space. The water-dwelling micro animal can live for up to 60 years, and grow to a maximum size of 0.5mm, best seen under a microscope. Researchers from the Universities of Oxford and Harvard, have found that these life forms will likely survive all astrophysical calamities, such as an asteroid, since they will never be strong enough to boil off the world's oceans.”

Tardigrades: The last survivors on Earth

FYI. Dean Weingarten of Gunwatch has traveled to Australia to report on the federal Gun Amnesty there, as well as on Australian gun culture in general.

This blog happens to have has its own correspondents in Australia. It would be interesting to read their take on the situation

OZ is a cautionary tale for American gun owners. Prominent Leftist American politicians, including President Barrack Obama and Hillary Clinton, have expressed admiration and approval for the ‘Australian solution’ to gun crime: i.e. mass confiscation of privately owned guns.

America doesn’t have a problem with ‘gun crime’, rather it has a problem with violent minority gang crime in its major cities. Likewise the big cities in other Western countries have become more crime ridden as they have become more multicultural. When Leftists talk about ‘commonsense gun laws’ they really mean that it is common sense to them that nobody should be allowed to own a gun. Certainly it doesn’t make any sense to them to allow their political opponents to possess firearms. So at the very least possessing a gun legally should be made such an onerous and vexatious bureaucratic process that few people will want to bother with it. Thus Anarcho-Tyranny has become public policy throughout the West. The white population is persecuted with excessively strict enforcement of the most minor provisions of the legal code, while at same time the non-white criminal element is treated with leniency even for violent criminal acts. Hence lawful Australian gun owners live in fear their property will be confiscated due to some petty infraction of the gun laws. Nevertheless the number of guns in private hands has increased in OZ just as it has in the USA. Clearly people in both countries have lost faith in the respective governments’ ability to keep order. They are stockpiling emergency equipment and supplies in expectation of greater disorders to come. The full ‘Mad Max’?

Anyway the mass gun confiscation in the ‘90’s did nothing to deter crime in Australia (neither did importing millions of diverse hooligans from chaotic third world cultures). So the government is going to try a gun amnesty now.

Friday, July 07, 2017

Australian Gun Culture Climate of Fear

A blast from the past. Examples of homemade submachine guns confiscated by Australian police.

It appears OZ continues to be awash in illegal guns, both improvised and factory made. The problem has become so serious that the Australian federal government intends to hold another gun amnesty to induce the country’s honest citizens to surrender any guns they might have failed to turn in during the last amnesty.

Clearly the criminal element in 21st Century Australia has little fear of the forces of the law that they violate that nation’s strict gun legislation so casually. One recalls that Australia’s urban gangsters of the 1930’s resorted to using straight razors for punishing rivals rather than risk facing the lengthy prison sentences imposed for being caught illegally in possession of firearms at the time (although I do suppose that the threat of the disfiguring wounds inflicted by the razors was sufficient to terrify most people into compliance with the gangsters’ wishes as well). What changed?

Homemade submachine guns – part 3 (Australia)

Posted on August 4, 2014 by ImproGuns

Designs based on the Expedient Homemade Firearms series of manuals by P.A Luty.

Bad news for 'The Walking Dead’ fans.

'The Walking Dead' Stuntman John Bernecker Dies After Fall ‘Walking Dead’ Stuntman Reportedly Died After Missing Safety Cushion by Inches

Vibrant Diversity Update.

Rural Swedes Having To Make ‘Home-Made Police Cruisers’, Start Citizen Patrols href="">

Interesting article from Sweden today.

Wait ‘til you see their elephant…

Chinese Zoo Under Fire for Disguising Hairy Dog as Lion

Mad World Update.

Five hurt in acid attack robberies in London, teenager arrested

Books by James LaFond

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Sam J.July 17, 2017 1:57 PM UTC

The attack that pushed off the Australian gun ban appears to me to be a huge false flag. The government said some retarded guy did some massive shooting. Some of the shooting was major professional work. Not likely some retarded kid.