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‘Victims of Scale’
‘The Gay Robot/Retired Strippers’ of Cable News and other Critiques of Mass Media: Grace & Steel Ep. 85 - This is CNN

Kevin Michael Grace and Kevin Steel discuss the media as the “enemy of Western Civilization,” passing the unsavory media ball back and forth with increased intensity.

“A man who should be starving to death in a gutter,” is but one accurate judgment made by Mister Grace, who was on fire for this dualistic podcast. It is refreshing to hear scathing passion rather than handwringing worry directed at the evil entity that thirsts for our souls.

Grace’s insight into the effects on human action imposed by scaling up is quite acute.

Mister Steel is also at his best here as the sardonic due home in on their deserving prey.

“That’s not the horizon, that’s a cliff…”

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