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Of Owls and Dindus with Ishmael and James: A Man Gearing Side Bar

J: How much does the owl in the picture weigh?

I: Surprising, very light, couple of pounds, 4 at the largest would be my guess, very beautiful creature, and in their element, deadly. They have special feathers for silent flight, they are hell on the rabbits, small cats and skunks...reading outside, doves cooing, hear the sandhills, croaking vaguely, down in the meadows.

Seems like a sin to listen to music, but have it turned on too, softly.

I was bowhunting with Jonsey, we had a frisbee, throwing it back and forth, waiting for evening hunt, I threw it down a corridor of spruce trees, Horned owl attacked it, quessed it thought it was a grouse flying by.

Do you think dindus would change if they had chance to live like I have?

Does not the environment and parents taint them?

If I took a baby, and raised them like my children, with discipline, love, and respect, would they not be human beings, apart from the ghetto?

J: Ishmael, I know genetics matter, matter a lot. But I have only met a handful of evil people who could not be explained according to their experience and conditioning.

Yesterday a young man I used to coach, who stopped training because his wife did not approve, asked to speak with me. I found out, that after she separated him from his masculine pursuits, she then separated him from his friends, then family. Then she began verbally attacking him.

He did not touch her.

He never was unfaithful to her, had eyes for no other women.

She filed assault charges against him, got a peace order against him, and is currently living in the house he is buying, driving the car he is financing and receiving court-ordered monthly payments from him as he sleeps on a friend's couch.

His masculine conditioning had to make way for his indoctrination into her liberal world, he fully accepting, for the cause of love, that all of her liberal, feminist, university ethics [she works in higher education] must supersede his selfish desire to be a man of significant masculine gravity.

Ishmael, you and our fellow, predominantly paleface, readers out there surely have friends who this has happened to, middle-class, middle-aged, Caucasian friends. This young couple is not Caucasian, at least not predominantly. These two folks undergoing divorce are people of color. He is black and she is mixed-race, mostly Caucasian with some black. The point is, there is nothing different about this guy than dozens of middle-class white guys I have coached, other than his race. He grew up in a middle-class, suburb, a son of medical professionals.

He's not the only example I can cite of blacks being raised "white" and behaving no different than whites. I've also known plenty of whites who were raised according to urban, hip hop ethics and behave as reprehensibly as any hoodrat—who are in fact nothing but white hoodrats.

That said, as a man who once tried to adopt a black child, I think that there are two serious obstacles to a man like you raising a racially African child.

First, we are possessed of a racial consciousness, as much as the liberals and leftoids tell us otherwise. This consciousness [see Colin Kapernik for a tarnished example] will rise within the person at some point and he will most likely seek out people or celebrity examples of his own racial type to bond with and emulate. With the propensity for teens to rebel, this will commonly lead the teen of a different race than his parents to question and judge them more harshly than is the norm, which is bad enough.

Secondly, and likely to amplify the point above, is the fact that the Greater Society, the majority social opinion, the ethical template of our morally-infiltrated nation, states, clearly, through most media, politicians, celebrities, courts and even our laws [affirmative action, hate crimes] that people of European descent are uniquely and preternaturally evil and that the rampant criminality and amorality of Hip Hop America [a multi-racial cultural block of some 100 million Americans] is an edifying rejection of the evil that is the Whiteman.

So, as much as I write about the real life Magic Negroes in my life, like Edward, cited above, we must recognize that the moral weight of our society is stilted toward bringing out the worst in the least adaptable segments of the population, that adopting a child in this manner is as likely as not to end up being a small scale version of what so many Christian churches are currently doing to your homeland, importing ultimately incompatible persons in a suicidal bid to assuage their own perversely collective sense of guilt.

Our masculine gravity is imbedded with a sense of self-sacrifice not present in the feminine, but easily triggered by feminine action and opinion. For this reason the greater, darker, moral gravity well of society has been ingeniously engineered to drive the best men to their own extinction via the siren song of their traitorous women.

Under the God of Things

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