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The Iconic Magic Negro
Frank Matthews documentary full movie HD | The French Connection Documentary | Al Profit

Frank Mathews made his mark in Baltimore, the weigh station for his assault on the American Machine. In this set of documentaries, working class filmmaker, Al Profit, lays out the underpinnings and the superstructure of the American Dope scene. This trade in soul extinguishment targeted the black underclass and the white working class, equally, though the film only focuses on the black underclass. Accurately enough, then President Richard Nixon, who had the helm of state when the Deep State began to rip the guts out of the nation he genuinely seemed to care about, comes off as an utter dupe from the dope don perspective.

Profit builds the case across these films from a supply-side perspective, checking back in on the subjects of this trade for perspective, in a very human way.

Who did build the heroin empire that continues to grow at the expense of the American Soul and eat the nation from within?

-The CIA [an agency virtually nursed from infancy by the drug trade, although Profit misses the chronological connection]

-French Criminals, predominantly former Nazi operatives from Vichy France based largely on Corsica.

-Italian-American Mafia families

-Jewish Businessmen from Manhattan

-African-American gangsters, with leadership drawn from rural portions of the Eastern U.S.

Who got away with it and who paid the piper?

-The CIA thrived on it.

-Jewish Businessmen who financed the whole thing and made huge money on it, have never even been identified!

-Frank Mathews got away, or so they say.

Every other notable player and organization got burned.

The aspect of the Frank Mathews story that is so endearing is the fact that he had more balls, more loyalty, more integrity and more humanity than the Italian Mafia. While the Mafia dons had each other assassinated and collaborated with the FBI and other law enforcement agencies in their suicidal bid to backstab every one possible, Frank built loyalty among his soldiers and others by giving away millions and doing acts of kindness.

The Frank Mathews story is a sobering tale of the two forces who have, together, ripped America apart, and also a reminder of the toxicity of monetized crime, as only the first generation of criminals from any of these groups had a soul. Frank Mathews criminal inheritors have not a soul among them, nothing but a pack of hyenas.

Did Frank Mathews get away?

I would like to think so, but suspect that the CIA and their Manhattan financiers erased him and his young girlfriend.

Yes, to Mister Profit's critics, this is criminal hagiography.

But in a society built at the point of a gun, maintained by terror of poverty and alienation and woven of lies so vast as to be impossible to unravel, in a society slovenly cobbled together from the lesser angels of our human nature, why not heroize the criminal?

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