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‘How Would You Train McGregor’
‘To Fight Mayweather Under Boxing Rules?’: A Man Question from Mescaline Franklin

“James, if they offered you 250-thousand to spend three days training McGregor for Mayweather, how would you handle it.”

-Mescaline Franklin

Okay, I would normally plead that I am unqualified to train a high level boxer, and I am not qualified. But since McGregor is not a high level boxer, I’d take the job for nothing up front, but a million if he won, just so he’d believe in me.

McGregor’s tools for getting inside are not permitted in this fight.

Fortunately he’s a bigger guy.

He has to let Floyd hit him with combinations.

Yep, it’s that bad.

If he tries not to get hit, he’s done.

If he tries to shut down combinations by clinching, that plays into Floyd’s game. Floyd, in the past 10 years, has liked to hit and hold.

Most boxers are incapable of defending against a clinch. Conner can defend the clinch.

The strategy is to deny the clinch while eating combinations, throwing power jabs, straights and shovels to the body and straights and hooks to the head.

Don't jab the hit, Conner.

In a catch-weight fight jabbing the chest is the big man's ticket.

If Conner trains this way he has a legitimate chance for a KO.

The body work is important, as Floyd, if he gets stunned, will go to bicycle mode and fight like Willy Pep. If this happens, Conner would have to rely on crude bull-rushing that could get him KO’d.

He should practice running and jumping punches, as Floyd has never seen these before and if this strategy works, he'd have to chase Floyd.

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c7July 19, 2017 12:55 PM UTC

Sadly Mayweather's "pay-the-IRS-back-taxes" circus detracts from

the real upcoming fight, Triple G vs. Canelo Alvarez. That should

be a great fight, which I don't think will go the distance.

I saw Hector Camacho do the run and punch at opening bell Round 1 once, instant KO, I guess Hector was in a hurry to get the party started that night. Which leads me to this question, James—is it legal in boxing to punch if both feet are off the ground?