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Stairway to Hell
Tracking the Devolution of Baltimore into Harm City

In my lifetime there have been four paradigm shifts in the crimescape—which is to say the moral fabric—of the dying city within which I reside, and wherein, five ages past, I was born.


The Baltimore “Civil Rights” Riots ignited large scale black-on-white violence, which triggered massive white flight to suburban Baltimore and Anne Arundel Counties. My entire extended family, comprising 18 nuclear households, removed by stages out of central and west Baltimore, into Baltimore and Harford County, with a third leaving the state.


The CIA-orchestrated heroin wars, which brought black-on-black crime to never-before seen heights, with this year still accounting for the most killings in city history, began to drive middle-class and working-class blacks out of Baltimore, which was the social engine that created the current brownstone ghetto.


The CIA-orchestrated crack epidemic, which intensified urban blight and spread to the white population more thoroughly than heroin had, caused a 15 year surge in white flight, which featured up to 1,000 home owners per month leaving Baltimore in the mid 1990s. The government reaction to this was to level three high rise projects, which spread government-subsidized criminals throughout large portions of East, Northeast and North Baltimore, and beyond into Western and Eastern Baltimore County, resulted in massive white flight to Harford County.


The Freddie Gray-Inspired Purge and Riots saw the rise of car-borne packs of adult black men, along with foot patrols and bike-mounted packs of black youth, hunting whites at random, throughout Baltimore City and Northern to Eastern Baltimore County. The two expressions of this trend in terms of the target population been three-fold:

1. The people with means have moved to Florida, Delaware, Pennsylvania and other rural locales.

2. Homeowners without equity have placed bars on their windows and doors and raised American flags in the yards and on their houses.

3. While the population of Baltimore has been reduced moderately, the foot, mass transit and vehicular traffic in most residential and commercial zones has been reduced significantly, with people electing to stay indoors and pedestrians electing to use sedan services. This resident’s best estimate is that vehicular traffic outside of major commercial centers has been reduced by 25-50%, mass transit use at night has been reduced by 50-75%, and white pedestrians have virtually disappeared by night while being halved by day, while black foot traffic has been erratic, with some areas seeing a total replacement of white pedestrians by blacks [mostly in built up areas] and outlying open areas in the county seeing a 90% reduction in white pedestrians and a 75% reduction in blacks, as these areas are hunted by car-mobile predators. Do note that outlying areas of Baltimore County have seen no reduction in vehicular traffic.

Baltimore is dying gracelessly.

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