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Missing the Point of Chemical Enslavement

Two friends of mine recently had a discussion about prohibition, one pointing out how stupid it was, the other coming to the defense of the Church ladies and other busybodies of America, and pointing out how rampant alcoholism was in industrial America.

The temperance advocate, who is also a drug war advocate, has missed one crucial point.

Why was alcoholism rampant in the first slave societies of Sumer and Egypt?

Why did Amerindians demonstrate such low tolerance for alcohol once introduced to it?

Why do almost all working class men in American cities self-medicate?

Why do most middle-aged American women, receive prescriptions for anti-depressants or anti-anxiety medications?

Because living in servitude, whether to the Priest-King or Pharaoh or to Modernity’s intricately woven debt schemes, is a soul-crushing existence.

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